Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Why are headstrong protagonists with mommy issues such a hot trope?

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So why did Kiwi betray the team? I don't quite get it


Blue nipples

being offered a cool million eddies will do that.

Better question is why did she go get murdered by the fixer?
>I'm not gonna pay you lol come meet me instead hehe

I want Maine to mating press me and have a family but he's a loyal lion of a man in love with his woman and that makes me thirst for him even more I am a mess.

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I really wasn't expecting his mom to die, especially after the doctor said she was stable and would soon wake up.
You're not allowed to kill anime moms after saying something like that.
That's just not fucking fair.

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Based mother appreciator.

t. David

That was a great way to signal early how brutal the story was going to be.

I also want David to mating press me and have a family with him but I wouldn't take that from Lucy. She's wonderful and deserves him more than I do.

Is lucy the best waifu in cyberpunk? How about in anime this year?

I kinda expected for them to show the doctor killed her on purpose for selling organs on the market or some shit, but it was just shit tier medicine for the poor.

>my boy is so special and talented
>he's going to make it to the top of Arasaka tower
fuck this gay city

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Can't think of anyone better- But it depends on your standards. Some idiots will come and say the dog girl from that isekai is better

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It was meet him there or not get paid the money she betrayed her crew for

Hate how much this part in particular reflects my life

One day he'll bust your nose for not doing the dishes and making him a sandwich because he's a chrome junkie who's flirting with cyberpsychosis

1% of people die after succesful operation due to infections, considering she was taken to hospital for the poor, i suspect that % is much higher


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What is with the piss filter