Chainsaw Man

What happened to her?

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sex with denji

Mamakima is endgame and very very cute

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Denji keeps her in the basement, austrian style.

the chinese government stole her back, Denji forgot as he was busy being horny and retarded

>It ain't gonna suck itself, Denji.

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nayutadaddies we are here

Denji keeps her hidden in a basement so Yoshida doesn't instantly impregnate her.

Who fucking cares? Fuji obviously doesn't care about her neither should you.

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Best Ship

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We love Asa here.

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What killed the hype?

I want to throat fuck Nayuta so hard that tears and snot run down her face and she looks up to me with tear filled eyes that are asking me to stop but I continue to bruise the back of her throat anyways

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Post C&C only

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Kishibe fucking Quanxi while his son Yoshida fucks Nayuta/Yoru/Reze next to him

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Himeno has huge tits I want to suck on, grope and press my face against

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reze is the only one that is passable, the rest are DOGSHIT

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Those two eyepatch bitches are hot as fuck. No I have not read this shit.

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I want to cuddle with Yoru!

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Shipping Denji and Angel ( two straight men) with other males is disgusting

We know Aki Hayakawa
We know Kishibe and Aki

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Shipping Denji with other males is based and canon if you imagine he got paid first.

Denji jerking me off in the bathroom for 5 bucks

Remember the bet.

tranny btw

Daily reminder you are not supposed to self insert as Denji and if you do you should better yourself until you no longer can

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Denji is Gay for pay
Angel is Gay for food

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According to a reliable leaker, the Chainsaw Man TV Anime will have a total of 25 episodes.

We will have more information of the anime adaptation on September 19th.

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Leave me alone, today is my last day of shitposting before I go back to work.

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Rezemoviechud... it's over...

>he doesn’t shitpost at work
Also how does make you feel? Just curious.

You are a black male in his 20's

>No source

>no source
I know a shitpost when I see one

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Both Top Aki and ride his cock to death

Denji doesn't care about how much humiliation he endures, as long as Nayuta's happy he's happy, because he loves her so much...

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It's true.

Will you return on the 19th?

>Nayuta's happy he's happy, because he loves her so much...
if nayuta does not show up soon and/or if she is not receiving the hugs she deserves i will kill myself

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...too bad she likes Yoshida more

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>government security agency employs people to look after denji
>he does stupid shit for pennies because
why, he has money

only if I'm right

Probably just a force of habit. People who grew up in extreme poverty doesn't really get rid of certain habits easily.

it's funny and the author gets off on it

What a shame. Post rare reze.

The idea of Reze movie is only a deduction. The chink leaker didn't get why they're going to annocued Reze's VA at the pre-screening if the anime is only 12 episodes.

makima deserved better, denji let her down

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Nayuta is pretty big for her age, if Denji waits more she wont even feel a tickle of his 2 incher.

here's your rare reze
*unzips dick*


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If Asa was my girlfriend we would be having sex everyday before school. I would be fucking her so good she would be glowing non stop and the pheromones she would be emitting would strangle her entire homeroom. It would simply be impossible for any male to look at her without thinking sex.

this but with yoru

how can denji take care of a small child if he's out selling his body for pocket change to old men and young devil hunters every night?

Tfw just realized Nayuta will be taller than Manletji