It's very fun when hot girls fight each other in a way that’s obviously extremely lewd to the (male) viewer...

it's very fun when hot girls fight each other in a way that’s obviously extremely lewd to the (male) viewer, but they still take it super seriously

Is there a name for this genre?

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But like first-post said, the modern era doesn’t let us have nice things anymore and it’s an artificially-killed genre.

I was gonna say Keijo but then I realized it came out 6 years ago, shit

>it’s an artificially-killed genre.
why? theres plenty of far more degenerate anime coming out these days

I always enjoy when a setting makes the women in it look dumb as hell

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asuka's anime, also i think there was another ikkitousen airing this season

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No. Quit trying to genre box everything. Just let stuff be.

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nice tits, looks very bouncy
who are these sluts?

whats the problem?

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I liked this show, nanael was my favorite. She was pretty funny.

I liked how much she showed off her cute panties

From Mahou Shoujo Asuka

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love it when anime bitches act tough but dress like dumb sluts

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busty sluts acting tough in skimpy outfits?
oh now this looks like exactly what I'm looking for!

It has its moment. Webm related, wish that were me.

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>wish that were me.
you wish you were which girl?

Either is fine, but preferably the one getting the shit beaten out of her.

evil women should always dress like this

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The problem is when you genre box things you reduce them to their basest elements that allows hacks to just come in an use a paint by numbers approach to story telling. It's the same shit that happened to all this isekai shit. Used to be when you had a hero get summoned to another world to go on an adventure it was still just fantasy. Now that it's isekai as a genre everyone just copies the same formula beat for beat and it got frustrating.

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Combat scenes are probably just too much trouble to animate when you can make just as much money with a lot less effort with other degen content.