Why did he do it bros?

why did he do it bros?

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>manga introduces a black character
>he immediately rapes a kid
Miura was too based for this world.

He was a vile sadist and pedophile, but still nothing close to the biggest scumbags in the manga (however he was a scumbag himself as well).

A man has his needs


Berserk is blackpill lecture in a comic format. Look at how it's retarded fanbase look differently at two utterly evil lads.

You'd think sane people were to say that the character who did worse things is worse? Nah, not for berkfags.

>rapist and pedophile
>considered as taboo and the biggest asshole among berkfags, because he was ugly and black

>rapist, utter egoist, responsible for the death of his companion who got eaten by tentacle monsters, responsible for fucking up the whole world by triggering Fantasia
>UwU owo white handsome femboy, Griffith did nothing wrong hehe, don't whine about him raping Casca

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A deal is a deal

>Wherever I go, I must also rape

Well, Gambino didn't have to agree. Donovan was barbaric, but remember that it was Gambino who accepted the offer.

I'll take my turn after you Donovan.

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Preach. I prefer edgy Berserk enjoyers because of that. At least they are not dumb hypocrites whining about dark stuff from dark fantasy manga.

Or maybe they got influenced too much by Schierje's shit and brownies from Elfhelm.

>That smile... That goddamn smile...

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Gotta get a bang for his buck.

I dont see the big deal. He paid a fair price. Besides it happens all the time in armies.

Guts needed Rape Correction.

They both irredeemable, it's just that Griffith is given character development beyond being an edgy rapist murderer
If we had a flashback about Donovan's own history of being abused as a child I bet there would be some nigger simps

Preach! Griffith deserves smacks! Griffith deserves beatin

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He just wanted to character develop Guts, a true wise and magical supporter.

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He did for the Rock, he did it for the people.

He was a faggot and died like one

little white boys too cute

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Hey Zach, you remember that one time you sacrificed us to the dark gods and raped my wife? That shit was crazy.