Is it possible to win with an loli/lily servant?

Is it possible to win with an loli/lily servant?

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You've already won.

I want wu-chan to boss me around...

It is if you get this one.

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Yes. Dragon loli is the STRONKEST being.

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That's a guaranteed win if she doesn't accidentally nuke you too. Melusine is almost as strong as Grands or Beasts despite being summoned into a normal class. Without that restriction she'd be even stronger.

Easy win with Melu, but outside of that, it's quite difficult to win with a kid servant.
Will kill (you), because you're not Guda

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that isn't a loli

You can win with any Servant as long as you are the MC.

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Only one way to find out.

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Why haven’t there been any new Cunny servants?

What about the cups? Why are they not part of the cunnicil?

I hate this argument. Melu is as much of a loli as Abby is. She's small and cute with a youthful face and A cup breasts you'd expect to see on a JC.

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I'd win simply by hiding away and impregnating my servant daily.

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You can't run forever, multiple classes have tracking or detection abilities standard. You better hope all that's left are a generic Saber and/or a generic Berserker since the others will probably hunt you.

Nursery Rhyme is really powerful, though if you see an Artoria, it's best to cut your losses and run away

Don't care, already won.

Miyu yes.
She grants wishes

My dick would lose

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Melu is very smoll for sure. I still have hard time categorizing her as a loli character. For same reason I fucking hate it when Euryale and Stheno are categorized as lolis.
Where do we pull the line between womanlet and loli? Especially if said womanlet has a cute streak.

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Based. Kill all the children.