Will Oda go down as the greatest mangaka in history?

>Best selling anime
>Best selling manga
>Outperforms your favorite series in every category (if it's not one piece)

And now we're going to have the greatest ending of all time. Just can't stop winning, this will go down as the best piece of work created by a human in HISTORY.

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>sales are an indicator of quality
kys normalniggđÁr

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I'm don't think world wide it will ever be more recognized than Dragon Ball, Goku, Kamehameha, and Super Saiyan's etc

One Piss isn't even a good shounen, let alone anything else. Sudoku yourself faggot.

Worldwide it's less recognized than Naruto and Bleach

i know this is a bait thread but i do think he will be widely regarded as one of, if not the, greatest mangaka of all time. Any Forums is full of contrarians who have their own special boy favorite or little girl ecchi favorite but by and large most people will consider one piece the greatest once it's complete.

one could say hes the Michael Jordan of manga

Why do think that is?

the one whit a far bigger impact was miura

Most people here already regard Oda as the best.

it doesnt really matter if it finish
i dont see many people as inspired by one piece as by other mangaka
i would argue toriyama would be better remembered that oda in the future

fucking kek. mods let the nakamafaggotry go on for 100 posts but the second somebody says something bad about Oda the thread gets deleted? are you kidding me?

Good, there's nothing bad about Oda and you should be embarrassed for even thinking this.

Hmm multithreading again? Asking for more nukes.

Stop posting on Any Forums and go have sex with your wife, Oda

Five of those are good. Frozen 2 was an unnecessary cash grab sequel but sort of okay.

A rocky start in the US, however

I don't think that's the case anymore since the others have finished. One Piece has gained massive traction over the last few years - especially over quarantine.

No but breaking as many records as it has, outselling almost every American comic in a fraction of the time is something to behold

>No but breaking as many records as it has, outselling almost every American comic in a fraction of the time is something to behold
Yeah, just like avengers endgame. It turns out when you appeal to the lowest common denominator so effectively you can beat anything.

i dunno i have a 10 year old cousin and he watch naruto

kek that's because dragonball is designed that way. You don't have to know shit about the actual series because it's all bullshit background details for the main attraction which is the ki blast fights. It helps that there are a lot of memorable designs in dragonball. Even people who don't watch or read it can tell you a few of the characters. It's literally the most entry tier manga/anime I can think of

Westerners like anime because it's cool and edgy and it has ninjas and shit. Japs like One Piece because it's the opposite and tries to be more cartoony

The most popular shounen in the west except snk is cartoony though