Already only a smidge left till it's a decade old

>already only a smidge left till it's a decade old

H-hold me brehs..

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Fuck off underage triggertard

Theyre making a comeback

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Imagine comparing a videogame Netflix anime to Kill la Kill. That's like saying Panty and Stockings is on par with Evangelion.

i like kill la kill
don't give a shit about panty and stocking

Has it saved anime?

retarded nigger
I'm pretty sure I'm older than you, tranny. The hormones surely have you agitated eh?

nope, its worse now

not cuz of it tho

Just because you're an old fart, that doesn't make you an oldfag.

>gets btfo
>n-no akshuallyy

Ok nigger keep crying bitchass fag.

>kys la kys
you mean a fucking abomination that should have never been birthed?
yeah I agree, you can't compare cyberpunk normalfaggotry to actual retardation with one of trigger's worst mistakes

This was one of the first anime I watched as it aired. When does my newfag license expire?

I didn't like it that much, but it was nicely done and brought some fresh air to anime industry.

if somebody was 9 years old when KLK first aired, they'd be 18 now

We should discuss TTGL, it actually deserves it unlike coomer la coomer with no depth

shut the fuck up

Best Trigger show, never topped

when you thought Kill la Kill is like 2018 or something but it's actually 2013. Then it hits you you've been watching anime for more than 15 years now and realize you are fucking old. Anime is a hell of a time waster, didn't even notice.

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Only if my wife Satsuki had been the protagonist

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Welcome to the terrifying inexorable march of time.

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Nonon has the most kino voice. Nothing else even comes close