Made in Abyss

Reg want to mofu mofu *this*?

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You don't, faggot?

She cute.

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Thinkin bout Tepasto's innie nipples

Nanachi Azul

*deep sniff*

Hated how they dragged out Gabu's death, it was almost funny how the dragon kept poking him again and again, not even piercing the metal, just blunting it, when in the manga he got one-shot.

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I prefer human Nanachi, after all.
Bun is... weird.

same i like quick deaths, shows how much alpha animals in the abyss are so overpowered compared to the rest of the crew.

Stitches from last thread.

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>My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same?

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Imagine those fangs nibbling on your cock

The only way to speedwatch, thanks for your service Zoetropeanon

they've kept the odd iris thing from the manga in the anime so it's relevant enough to be added, now we only need to know what the fuck it is supposed to be

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Loved this part. It was hilarious and Vueko's scream was so good.

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Find a flaw

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Man, imagine what we could've had if they switched the staff from episode 10 for this one. Looks like it's impossible for Kinema Citrus to have streaks, huh. My last hopium is for a spectacular episode 12, surpassing even 10, but I'm disappointed how they did 11, even cutting out Gabu's flashback when they could've interspersed them between the action with great transitions like the previous episode.

Isn't it just meant to indicate that it was imperfectly reconstructed? Kind of like with Mitty, the only other immortal in the series.

Retarded director also forgot that faputa called Gabu hers HAKU in the same moment, that's why speach bubbles overlapped. Anons... I thought that the japanese knew how to read manga.

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Sniff the bunny pits. Smother your face in the fuwa fuwa. Shower Nanachi’s body with kisses until a ‘naaaaaa~’ can be heard throughout the abyss. Die in Nanachi’s arms as the two of you are violently torn to shreds by the monsters that heard the ‘naaaaaa~’.

I wonder, if he did it on purpose, knowing, that she will walk upward and get hit by the curse

>watched movie 3 like anons said last night
>be more invested in reg than the rest up to this point
>"haha i hope nothing happens to my boy reg"
>the chair
Give it to me straight bros...being reg is suffering isn't it? He'll get his actual arm reattached eventually, right?...Right?

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So you're confused how manga has ambiguous flow of time with the text bubbles that need time to be spoken in anime and upset that people were given an emotional death scene.

He gets a butt plug for a new arm

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>powerful enough to chip Reg's arm at the stronger metal portions
>durable scales that explode with poison when do get through them
>extremely strong rock projectiles that might also have poison
>durable enough to survive Faputa tearing it up on the inside and falling from the village bridge
>implied to be curse immune
>so tall that enough besides Fappy and Reg would be hit by the curse trying to attack it's main body
How does a regular delver handle this? I feel like incinerator is the only shot. Spargamos could hurt it but I doubt leg cuts would kill it.

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>when they could've interspersed them between the action with great transitions
there wasn't any good moment to be contextualized like that, it would feel off if Faputa started remembering Gabu after hitting a random narehate/creature
we already know that they're going adapt it because of Faputa's character sheet, so it's probably going to be in the BD extras

Yes, it's an interpretation and I have issues with it. It reduces the impact of the scene, making the OP dragon look weaker and dumber and most importantly, the director messed up the fucking lines like said. I liked the fading Gabu vision and the OST, but this scene could've been better.

Only chaddest of chads get to survive Layer 6. And the dragons are the gigachads of the layer.

Someone edit Master Chief's helmet on Nanachi.

>so it's probably going to be in the BD extras
It's gonna be in the next episode user. Stop with the BD cope, we're not in the 2000s anymore.

>tore you apart near your life force
What did she mean by this

I discussed with another user in a previous thread that it may have been on purpose. He knew that for Vueko to get closure with Irumyui (using Faputa as proxy) she had to get hit by the curse, and that's why he dropped her from the platform were they were. Very cruel and twisted, but we are talking about Wazukyan after all. It was probably the only non-ambiguous selfish act he commited if you interpret his actions here as a mean to give Vueko the chance to "apologize" to Irumyui.

It could be literal with all that soul shit Faputa can see.

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That butt plug may have been in Toothpaste's ass