is this anime popular in Japan?
How did japs react?

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can't form an opinion without knowing how the "japs" reacted?

havent watched the show but if the nipponese like it then i like it, if they dont then i dont like it
simple as that

This is the kinda thing you post in the thread thats already up instead of making a new one

how dare you insult your senpais!!

Nothing wrong with wanting to know how something was received in the country where it was made. However, it shouldn't drastically affect one's own evaluation of the show.
I haven't gone on any Japanese imageboards to confirm, but my expectations are that they'll dislike it.

it's typical zoomer brainrot


I dont actually like anime, I just live vicariously trough the internet community liking something.

If it aired on nico then it would have a live rating once it ends.

hated it

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Does this show actually have uncensored anime pussy or not?
And I dont mean those retarded barbie sharpie-tier simple low detailed lines
The nsfw trailer had uncensored pussy squirting



there's some sex you can see pubes and maybe a slit, kinda hard to say because they're cyberpussies they don't look meaty

Japs have a terrible fucking taste so I don't care. Edgerunners was AotY.

Japs have based taste and know a tranny shit when they see one, just like how this is a shill thread.

How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

My favorite onahole Rebecca died in it. So I lost interest.

Seems like something they'd like, given that it has the generic tragic ending that they love so much.

>wow japanese fans are vocal

Who cares, theres not a single bug in the animation so its not worth watching anyways

I'm not seeing Lucy and Becca fanart on twitter so I'd say no. Doesn't help that nobody in Japan has Netflix.

What would make itan non-generic tragic ending?

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Jappas hated it and called it woke western garbage