Komi cant

Does anyone else feel she was the glue that held the team together and she was underappreciated in the series?

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Why is the author obsessed with giving homobait moments to the ostensibly main heterosexual pairing of the series?

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um who is that person?

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>moe eyes
>bug antennas
>genderfluid gag attitude
>funny personality
Glue that held the team? This character was someone who carried the whole show.

He’s an obnoxious faggot.


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Kill yourself cancerous sub human

I don't understand.

>IDGI is an abbreviation for “I don't get it.” It's used to express that you genuinely can't understand a joke or idea.
Why did everyone want to go to the room Tadano and Komi went into?

That school really likes crossdressers.

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why did they place all of this stuff in anime about a girl with an anxiety disorder?

The mangaka is a hack and is just shoving everything into the story they can think of to stretch it out. They are struggling with the fact that their lead characters are boring and unlikable, and are constantly being outshined by the side characters present in the story.

Because the author is into homo shit, just like his wife, the mangaka of Hana ni Arashi.

Manbagi and Komi invent an athletic, tall, imaginary person and call him interesting to make Tadano jealous, and Tadano instead agrees with them.

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Every heterosexual couple should have multiple homo side bitches.