Does she and her show deserve a second chance?

Does she and her show deserve a second chance?

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I think they fucked up with the ugly pink girl
the snout was too furry

Is this some Trigger show? I like the main girl, she's not and the most I'd ever go furry. Everything else, fanart included, screams Reddit/Tumblr.

I wouldn't say no but it doesn't seem like a second season was ever intended.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who really really liked it.

Wouldn’t be against a season 2.

They should go full furry and just give us a real romance. Sex would be nice too.

No, but it does deserve more porn (the only good thing to come out of it)

first six episodes are cool, then it tries to cram a full season worth of plot in the last six and it just straight up sucks
michiru is pure sex all the time tho


Yes, I'd rather have another season of this than more LWA. There's still a lot they can do with the setting, preferably focusing on episodic stories and without rushing a 2 cours plot.
I wonder when Yoshinari will be ready do direct again, before or after PSG2?

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why is trigger so obsessed with racism allegories these days

The woes of a stratified society is an ancient story told a thousand times over as long as stories have existed, might as well keep doing it.

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it is anime for humans or yurishit?

it's for ubermen, or enjoyers of both

Considering that piece of shit great pretender got a second season, yes this absolutely does.

Really should have just been a series of furries playing retarded as fuck sports every episode.

I want to drag my face up and down Michicute's slender legs all day.

It would feel like fur though, not human skin.