It was mid

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It's shit after and before the Golden Age, which is to say most of it is bad.

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Golden Age was a lucky accident

im more amazed at the sluggish pacing.
in 360 chapters onpiece was at its 15th arc

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I tried to read it but the fairy fag that follows Guts around was annoying and just clashed tonally with whatever was happening

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reddit: the manga


The Conviction arc is also good. After that it just feels completely drawn out.


It's good, but it's not a masterpiece. Okay story carried by great art. Nothing special.

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(zoomer languege aside, it became shit after switching to high fantasy setting)

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>After that it just feels completely drawn
The manga was drawn from chapter one ;)

golden age is when the story became trash

there was no story prior to Golden Age

When we left the boat and it all went to shit, just pretend they sailed into the sun and Griffith got turned on by the apostolles, killed, and the world healed