Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 0

Not my problem

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cute and perfect

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>no AKKO

>Shoot their own client
>Charge him for ammo they shot him with
What did Trauma Team mean by this?

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Trauma are peak cyberpunk Americana. I love the way they portrayed them in the anime.

How will Edgerunners influence future Trigger anime?

Seriously why didn’t David just left NC with Lucy

Give them a good script and they will make good anime
The editing really stood out in edgerunners

and go where, most of the planet is mad max

The world outside of NC is pretty fucked too. Just fucked in different ways. The only somewhat ok place to live was the Euro zone but i'm not sure how things are after the last corpo war.

The only life outside of NC (or other urban centers which are just as bad) in the NUSA is with the nomads, who are a very insular group that don't take kindly to city slickers.

Shoujld've joined some nomad nation, they at least have good education, instead of corpo brainwashing schools

Maybe they'll get to make more adaptations to rein in their own inability to tell coherent stories.

Also living with the nomads in no picnic either.
>raffen shiv might eat you(literally since there are some canibals with them)
>militech(will shoot you on a whim)
>biotechnica(will work you as slaves or will shoot you if they think you're close to their remote farms)

having said all that for me personally the nomads are the one that i find the most tolerable, that's why i left NC with Panam in the game

The show needed more hand to hand combat. I was looking for David to go hand to hand against Adam or go full JOJO against a dude as strong

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How is Kai Ikarashi so good? He delivers every single time

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We were robbed Becca bros

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Does this show actually have uncensored anime pussy or not?

yeah and booba + dick

We got pubes.

She was cute and funny
Yeah and with bush

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Today Netflix wasn't a pozzed faggot