Nooo, my government-assigned tradwife broke the promise

>Nooo, my government-assigned tradwife broke the promise.
Was there ever a more satisfying romantic development in all of anime?

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Who are you quoting, Triggertard?

The government took notice that one of the guy was turning gay, that is why they gave him a better woman to cure him

Fat people deserve only suffering

No government action involved.
Fatsosi will never understand this.

I watched only 10 episodes of this shit and hated eveyr single second of it
The blue haired qt gets cucked and 0poopoo gets to win
How was Trigger associated with this?

The amount of unrequited love in it is the best thing. of it.

>defending sluts breaking vows

>satisfying romantic development
>in triggershit

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>the one thing people like about Darling is that the fatso get cucked
sad really

>0poopoo gets to win
She died a virgin fighting space farts
>The blue haired qt gets cucked
She got to pump out a million babies with best boy

that's a good thing, fat people need to suffer to change their evil ways

Z.T. definitely had sex before Hiro, and maybe with Hiro of screen.
But I hope not, I hope that Z.T. had sex with all the other pilots but just never got to that point with Hiro.

Have you tried eating more fibres, less sweets, and using the bike more?

>hated eveyr single second of it
then why didn't you drop it at the first episode?

Sometimes we go to great lengths to prove our subjective opinions to ourselves.
>t. binged ALL of To Love-Ru and hated it with passion, never understanding why so many coomers love it

because i had nothing else to do

Because there is a rule that one has to watch at least half of a season before dropping it.
Obey the rules.

i wished he fucked the dyke.

This but unironically.

then why didn't you drop it at the sixth episode?

No one likes fat people. If you were angry over this it’s because you’re ugly fat swine