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Spoilers will be out tonight, Hype is dead, how can Horikoshi revive the hype after killing it with Bakugo and Edgeshot?

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By killing Bakugo again

>how can Horikoshi revive the hype
Dad for one

Dad for One would cause a huge amount of hype and it would make the hatefags seethe because of the uptick in attention the series is getting.

Time travel back about 200 or so chapters ago and remember to develop existing characters and plot points instead making new one's that will also be neglected.

>kills Bakugo for a third time so he can revive him again with Bak U Go

>develop existing characters and plot points
he did develop plot points though

this, and also make more time progress over the course of the story so the entire thing doesn't happen in the span of only 10 months.

>remember to develop existing characters and plot points
He already started out unable to do that once he introduced an entire classroom of characters that he had to develop all while making sure he didn't miss the main ones.

Shigaraki is shit. Toga is shit. Overhaul is shit. Dabi is s special type of smelly shit. The only decent villains are dead or about to die. Amazing.

God, deku's hero costume is fucking lame

>about to die

not him but AfO is currently on the way to rewinding into nothing.

But he's got 100 years of vitality to pass through before his age and body begins to change

he does, but his time is still numbered. even if he killed endy, hawks, jirou, and tokoyami, he would still be dying.

But AFO is not a good villain

I think he's fun. I like his smug attitude.

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RIP Hawks and Mirko

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He can wipe whole of Japan off before dying laughing at Deku who was too late in the time he's supposed to have if Hori didn't nerf his potential

Reminder that we still have the Toga shit to get to kek. This arc is so fucking bad

That'll happen, and then Deku will unlock his secret quirk of time travel to redo it all

Well, Todoroki drama chapters always get spoilers early

at least when we get back to Toga we will probably get some yuribait of her and Uraraka.

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We are hyped

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based dekuchad

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