What is the weirdest manga fan translation you've ever seen?

What is the weirdest manga fan translation you've ever seen?

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Abaj even

no dignity

I dont know what pumpkin night is, but it's got really funny moments, before it gets stale as last weeks dirt

Ichido translation from Baki i guess.

The official Argentinean version of YuYuHakusho, in one hand it respects japanese culture and expects the reader to be familiar with it, in the other hand "andate a la concha de tu Madre Yusuke!!!".

I am wood



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Rather than weirdest fan translation, there was a thread around two years ago where some zoomer was bitching that he can’t do his cleaning work because his phone broke. Seriously, this guy was doing it ALL of his editing, cleaning, etc on his phone. That was the weirdest and possibly the most retarded I’ve seen from anything manga related in years

KINGING LIKE KONG - Shinji Hirako, Bleach

kinda based, reminds me of how Sakurai coded Kirby's Dream Land with a trackball

I mean if you are used to do stuff one way and it works why should you change it?

Ivrea truly does the best spic translations

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That’s like saying why should I program in JavaScript when Scratch works fine or why should I use a wood carving knife when my x-acto knife works fine. The point is that there are times when you have to realize you’re using a small tool for an overwhelmingly complex job and if you’re using a smartphone a device with limited screen size and plenty of room to make photoshop edits, that’s just sounds like utter suffering or phone Stockholm syndrome

>trannydex down again

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the hell is this?

postmodern comedy

There's that one doujin on the panda scanlated in the form of photographs of a tabled placed above a toilet displaying the raw page with post-it notes stuck to the screen over the bubbles with the translation written on them, can't remember which one

Is that why tachiyomi hasn't been able to pull anything for the past week