Dragon Ball Super

What if Goku was BETRAYED and TRAPPED in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?
The chains prevent him from escaping by screaming.

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Goku would never be betrayed and trapped by his friends...


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Why is this scenario so popular in what ifs? It's like every other what if video I've seen has this concept for some reason

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>Insider from Toei posts a leak from the next arc (pic related).
>Jannies immediately kill the thread.
Hmmmm didn't know jannies worked for Toei.

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Mexicans are second only to blacks for number of incarcerated citizens per capita. They're merely using what they know to craft their silly fanspictions.

That series jumped the shark in part 11 after the tournament of power. I can't believe they dragged it out for another 5 parts.

what the fuck jannies

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>Goten and Trunks feeling depressed-horny over the death of a rabbit they had for lile a week
>Goten actually worrying about Trunks dying while giving birth, even though "Kill me and bring me back as a guy" was a strategy Trunks proposed in one of the first chapters and it would've solved the marriage situation in a way easier and quicker way
>Senzu beans appearing and disappearing from the plot
>The families worrying about thr baby at all when they could'e just wished the fetus away and used the second wish to turn Trunks into a guy
>They forgot condoms existed
Lmao this is dumb.
At least you can see how the author got better at writing, especially with the sex scenes and how detailed they are compared to the ones in the first 20 chapters.

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I don't think we're wanted here bros...

Our hero cannot be contained.

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Because they like ninibros harem shit.

why can't goku break chains

I can perceive it now.

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What if Chi-Chi BETRAYED Goku and TRAPPED him in a loveless marriage?

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Off yourself, Belgian scum. Everyone hates you.

Thread theme: youtu.be/q-Rqdgna3Yw

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>>The families worrying about thr baby at all when they could'e just wished the fetus away
That is beyond Shenron’s power.

I'm the OP of the deleted thread btw. Speaking of which, my hero Bejita is STILL thinking, so SHUT UP. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UUUUUUP. He needs complete silence that he may ponder the mysteries of the cosmos...

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What if Lunch BETRAYED and TRAPPED Tienshinhan in a heterosexual relationship.

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I play this every thread on loop.

>the mysteries of the cosmos...

Kill youself Janny faggot. NEVER delete our thread again. You WILL be hearing from us AGAIN.

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>The Indonesian is here...

>He was in space and yet his penis was pulled downwards... How...?

>Belgian thread
Who allowed this?

...does not exist in space. Thus, it is NOT a mystery of the COSMOS, but one of the TERRESTRIAL PLANE. Stupid.

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I did.

Next movie should be a Majin Buu/Master Roshi teamup

Apparently it's gluons and not the higgs-boson that makes up most of mass.
Pretty crazy, right? They were lying to us all for DECADES

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Is this actually true?

>They're literally too afraid to even set foot here in our domain
Is this a new copypasta?

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tien wouldn't do this
tien would do this

>weaker than fucking piccolo now

>Broly was a Saiyan invading earth with the intent of killing the main characters
>Super hero was two androids who are seen as the main threat but it's later revealed that cell is the real main villain. The two androids from the beginning have a change of heart
They're going to rehash the Buu arc. Screenshot this.

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