Made in Abyss

Jesus this episode was so bad. How did this happen when the source material was pure kino?

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I'm sure the outsourced animation didn't help.

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Why does he look like that? couldn't they just reuse the shot from the earlier episodes

They're saving the budget for the final episode, trust the plan!

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Why would they pay Koreans otherwise? They didn't want to reuse frames, they wanted a new one, but got this instead

1 week break next week.

I'm upset they didn't show how Faputa met Gabu

Fuck off newshit.

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Based and redpilled!

what the fuck are you talking about? this frame isn't even bad at all, there was a lot of shittier things in the episode

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was the drussy really necessary

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>source material was pure kino
faputa arc is shit, everything before it was 100x better. I hope that it goes back to being good after this.

idk I'm getting a bit bored
today's episode was too short, only fights, nothing happened

WAit i'm worried, is it really that bad?

What killed the hype?

a fantastic episode followed by a shitty one

Is Faputa still immortal now that Iruburu is gone for good?

It's bad, but not episode 8 levels of bad at least

>but not episode 8 levels of bad at least
the fuck are you talking about?

It was a good episode despite the budget cuts
That's just how strong the source material is

>Great episode 7 followed by shit episode 8
>Great episode 10 followed by shit episode 11
What are they doing?

She doesn’t age but will die if she gets hurt enough

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As an anime-only it looks like she can regenerate even without the village. She broke all of her teeth of Reggu's helmet in the flashback but they were back shortly after that. The process is probably just a lot slower without the village and a big enough trauma could probably end her life before she could slowly regenerate.

Slideshow Belaf and the music at the end (should have gone with something more impactful) ware the only letdowns. The rest was really good. Kind of wish they had ended on a cliffhanger before Faputa gets "resurrected" though

Belaf died doing what he loved...with Irumyuui's child entering his mouth.

>Bondrewd did a lot of bad shit
>Le did nothing wrong!
>This guy does nothing wrong
>OMG he is evil!!!

The gravestone

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It's the same shot. Just zoomed out and with a filter put on it. OP is just an underage retarded that probably thinks having a bigger budget is what makes tv anime look better.

See how her eye lit up like Reg's Helmet?
She probably has a limited amount of damage she can take before she becomes vulnerable for real, kind of like how Reg can only fire his laser so much.

well his plan was restarting the whole village shit with Riku

It happened again

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I rabu Faputa

>pure kino
Why aren't these subhuman crossboarding retards not banned on sight?

Exactly what I thought was the worst part of episode 8