Would you become a vampire in isekai?

Would you become a vampire in isekai?.

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Vampires suck

yes I wouldn't see the isekai world's abitants as real human beings so killing them wouldn't be a problem


why are normalfags like you always such sociopaths?

Normalfaggotry by definition requires sociopathy to force everyone into "normalcy".
How else would they think trying to force a completely different culture and medium to conform to their own culture, because they say so, and without giving back any money whatsoever in exchange to actually have anime that panders to them, to be a sound idea?.

Either i get a catgirl bloodbag wife or become a bloodbag for my vampire catgirl wife

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Hell yeah, vampires are badass.

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Also, Sauce?

only if I can still have sex and am able to impregnate girls, vampiric or not, so I can rape them and keep them as my slaves for eternity AND if I don't die just by standing in the sun

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Only if I can survive without killing people every time I suck blood. Having to avoid the sun sucks, but immortality is the best cheat out there. You can just live forever, try out all professions, explore every corner of the world, if you're patient, but that can come with the age. Also, bitches love dark and mysterious ancient dudes

No, because my series wouldve been axed (evil lord in the palace of darkness didnt even get to the palace of darkness or the evil lord)

>user has to fuck girls he doesn't like to boost ratings and not be axed

Meccha Shoukan
Premise is mc gets isekai'd like 7 times back to back while the isekai goddess figures out what the fuck is going on.
Gets to keep his cheats from every isekai, granted some of them have limits or function differently than intended due to the difference in magic systems between worlds. Like he can memorize magic circles, but the world he ends up in doesn't use magic circles.
Some of his cheats are things like Vampire, dark magic, growth cheat and magic eye.

It also turns out he's kind of a psychopath

this mc reeks of too cool for school energy.

>but the world he ends up in doesn't use magic circles.
they do, but his eye isn't compatible with those

If the pros outweigh the cons, then I guess?
Out of all standard fantasy races and creatures, vampires are one of the most varying between different settings, so this can range from an amazing deal with no drawbacks at all to a really shitty curse no sane person would want to deal with.

Yeah cool, now tell me did he fuck his foods?

It's written by a secondary so no, lmao.
In the novel before converting the princess it's clear she misinterpreted "serving him" as becoming a sex slave and agrees anyway, but he said he has no plans of doing that at all, he just wanted to see her reaction.

Depends on the nature of vampires in that setting. If someone throws rice on the ground I don't want to spend all day counting the individual grains.


Hard to be interesting when cheat skills/general OPness are almost always used to remove any meaningful stakes or tension from the work.
Which is why most of them become "slow life", which is just another name for narrative laziness, and instead focus on the girls who are almost always one dimensional fetish checklists who may or may not be fucked by Literally (You).

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Is there a Xianxia protagonist with green hair?

>Muh steaks.

Depends on the details but probably not, because even if I hate getting sunlight straight in my eyes, it feels pretty good on the rest of the body.

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Yes it's the same guy
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Why would I want to be come a zombie subtype?

More like it's a legitimate genre, called healing anime in nipland. Salaryman Tanaka just wants fluffy feelings from his manga to escape from the daily grind. They serve their purposes well enough


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Please don't, I want to discuss bloomers in isekai

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Cannot resist shota MC's pleading face eh?

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