Why are you afraid of women with muscles?

Why are you afraid of women with muscles?

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I'm more disgusted.

Can a muscular girl actually be spooky?
Like a zombie or vampire gal with muscles?

Because they aren't women

Because they inject testosterone to look muscular

I want Ghislaine to crush my skull with her steel quads untill i no longer breathe

I'm afraid of how aroused they make me

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same here

>afraid of women with muscles
I'm not a manlet, sorry.

I'm only afraid of the fact that I'll never have such a woman rape me and make me into her boy toy

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fuma will die lol

anyone else getting tired of these countless /e/ threads

The same bot posts spammed day after day for years on end? Yeah, they make up over half the catalog at any given time.

Because I have stuff to do today other than masturbate.

>censors her muscles
what do you do

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>it's also machine translated
jesus christ is this guy just seeing how much he can troll before people have enough

This is a joke, right?

>Censors abs

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it's real
and like I said, the retard who did that says in the beginning of the chapter that he's using machine tl

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That does look like shit tbf the edit is an improvement that artist doesn't know how to do abs.

i don't know about vampires or zombies, but here's a spooky one.

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