Redo of Healer

Honestly, it was pretty fun until...
She didn't deserve what happened to her.
This convinced me that the MC is a faggot and deserved everything bad that happened to him.
And that the author is an edgy faggot.

If I was writing the story; she would have been dicked by MC and rediscovered her bisexual lust, and then became one of his harem girls with /u/ tendencies, and both be bros about it. But no, this author hates lesbians and needs to shove it up our throats like the incel he is. Screw this garbage series!

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She raped women so hard they died or became mind broken

Keyarga did nothing wrong, and everything right.

Dunno, him dicking every girl and adding them to the harem was getting formulaic so it was a nice change of pace desu. Also I can't believe my weird dick edit still exists kek

ok simp

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She was a psycho that went around killing poor girls

yea, the only problem was it didn't last long enough

I would torture her for a few months

blabla morals blabla
go eat a bag of dicks

Flare deserved it if not worse.
Blade deserved it.
Norn didn't deserve the same treatment as Flare, she's still young enough that she didn't really choose who she is or wants to be. Hitting her over the head with the truth might work instead of full brainwashing but lol no creativity

Yeah but she didn't do anything to him deserving of that spite.

And still didn't deserve it and MC was not justified to do that to her, also would have been fixed with a quick amnesia, she was more interesting than the other chicks... but I guess it didn't fit the one note standard and the author had to send a message of how he hates lesbians. Why did she hate men anyway? He could have done so much more, like going deeper into Blade's issue and reveal that she was raped as a little girl and has a trauma from there. Why did she rape poor chicks until they died, maybe because she was projecting herself onto them and the deep hatred of herself and her prior situation made her feel a sense of control by taking their lives while raping them... so much more could have been done if not in the hands of an incel hack.

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god I hate simps so much

if Blade was an ugly bastard you'd be calling for his head

She beat and raped him

You're a faggot, Blade was genuinely a shit person who's caused extreme suffering for her own depraved pleasure. She was also a hyprocrite. Maybe she could have been spared after she was broken into realizing that, but what Keyarga did was fine too.

>She raped women so hard they died or became mind broken
Indeed. Bestgirl.

imagine the sex with that beast in bed
Keyaru is a faggot for passing out on that

>her bisexual lust
Faggot lol

Yes, I agree that she was one dimensional, but the setup of her character left more open possibilities to be done with her.

>Blade was genuinely a shit person
This, I enjoyed seeing her get what she deserved so much, I only wish Keyaruga had a more direct role in her death.

>This, I enjoyed seeing her get what she deserved
I cried. I like evil girls.

Bullet did nothing wrong

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No excuses.
The MC should have just killed them all instead of enslaving/raping them but that wouldn't be very edgy.

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This. Menace.

Kill yourself, retard.

Flare and Blade? Sure.
I still stand by the fact that Norn is too young to have made any real decisions for herself. She's not an innocent but brainwashing or killing her is pretty extreme when you haven't tried anything else.

the master ruseman!