How many Sukoyaka Buns could a Precure eat if a Precure could eat Sukoyaka buns?

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You're so strange

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By the character designer

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Yo why did she draw that

Perfect outfits that are never going to be used in the show

To measure her abilities.

Same reason why Laura was drawn with a salacious swimsuit.


they don't make pinks like they used to

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Maybe but what's that got to do with Nagisa?

I was gonna say it looks too annoying to animate but their Precure outfits are more complicated

Nagisa is the greatest pink of all time and Nozomi was the last good pink

Nagisa's not a pink and Nozomi is above average for a pink.

fuck off


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>Nozomi was the last good pink

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I only speak the truth

You only speak retardation

Nozomi is my favorite pink and I still cannot agree with you.

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they also persecuted Jesus for speaking the truth

I love that drawing

Jesus has better taste in cures than you

Nozomi should be drawn with a fang more often

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Any pictures of Pinks kissing other Pinks?