Weekly Young JUMP 2022 #42 ToC

>Kingdom (Lead Color Page)
>Oshi no Ko
>Uma Musume Cinderella Gray
>4 Gun-kun
>We Want To Talk About Kaguya
>Kubo-san (Color Page)
>Joyuu Meshi
>Boy's Abyss
>Shikisaki Sisters
>Junket Bank
>100 Girlfriends (Color Page)
>Batsu Hare
>Shadow's House
>Heisei Shounen Dan
>Kurogane no Valhallan
>Dr. Zeros
>Stand UP Start
>masturbation esper (One shot)
>Snack Basue

Cover model: Risa Yukihira

Kaguya-sama, Kowloon Generic Romance, Ilios, OTTOMAN, and 20XX Level Up Disaster are on break this week.

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kill yourself already

>no ruri dragon
it's dead

ToC page

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>Alien battle series "OTTOMAN" by Shinnosuke Kanazawa will end in 3 chapters. Barring no breaks, the final chapter will be released on October 6.

ottoman bros...


>Weekly Young Jump series circulation numbers as of September 2022.

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This can't be real..Ottomanbros

how the fuck did shitbyss catch up to 100 gfs

They overprinted it

Someone dump the Kaguya 4koma raws



Kill yourself sub human bootlicker

jump bump

I told you, axe soon

Kingdom is at 92m / 66v

I didn't make the pic, I got it from twitter

I pray for she

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Kubo color p

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