Have you ever watched a series just for one girl?

Have you ever watched a series just for one girl?

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yes, heavy object

Darling in the Turds
only. All of the other series I tried to watch just cause of one or more of the girls,I didn't want to watch all of


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You mean people watch series for the plot??

I picked up Index because of the season 2 PV. It had Maika in it and I wanted more of her because she looked cute. Yes, Tsuchimikado became my favorite in the show.

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I've never seen anyone discuss Heavy Object outside of legsy so I assume that to be the case for anyone who watched that show.

Not exactly the same thing but I occasionally watch a show I would otherwise have no interest in just so I can gain context on the porn.

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Yes, Index and Railgun for Accelerator.


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Sure, but it hardly counts, because she IS the show.

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Yes but I've never reposted an image 1770 times for one.

i like smoking but i hate dry throat
how do they do it??

It's never too late to start

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Bros...what happened to Raildex threads?

I still miss Sakurafish

Some kind of awful schizophrenia.

This for her, and for being voiced by Sawashiro. And for her based boyfriend too. It was shit but hearing the two of them together was amazing.

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