Not joking here, is he better than miura?

Not joking here, is he better than miura?

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Better by what metric?

paneling wise? yes
story wise? definitely
character wise? no
art wise? hell no

Answer your reasons for these

I believe it's self evident if you've read both

Maybe, at least he hasn't killed himself over IM@S yet.

which miura


Not a hard accomplishment even if he is

Miura ruined OPM

He's not even better than Kishimoto or Isayama. This dude draws manga packed full with fetish pandering and samey character types (most notable le psycho badass female antagonist)

>art wise? hell no
Fujimoto has a really distinctive style
That alone makes him stand out

still not better than Miura

He's dead

He certainly better at finishing his stories, also humour and maybe fem characters. That's about it.

I mean Kentaro Miura, not OPM miura.

with distinctive style you mean everyone is looking like a stroke victim, right?

I think it looks unique and I hope he doesn't change

Read more manga

Have better taste