Will Subaru continue to cross dress post Arc 7?

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Yes, Subaru loves cross-dressing. His friends might not understand him, but he will continue.

Why is this character so divisive?

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Julius is underrated

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no he's a coward

Yes, every arc will have a cross-dressing subplot.

No, because he'll get turned into a girl at the end of the arc so it won't be crossdressing anymore.

Is he wearing panties too?
Also any more pics of him in dresses?

Not gay but I really enjoy Subaru being dressed as a girl and getting fucked in the ass

>turned into a girl
>then futa raped by one of the witches

>Hello, boy

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>That height difference

Why are all the illustrations so gay? Where's Tanza in her underwear?

Look at the size of those fingers…


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But Rem liked it.

she hated it

Arc 2 Rem liked it.

That's not Rem.

Who else is that? It's Rem. She's called Rem.