What kind of dream gets these kinds of reactions?

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the one of a faggot

i don't know but it probably is nothing of these thing that people talk about like
>i want big feast with everyone
>i want people in the world to eat as much as they want

knowing oda it will be something noone ever thought of, it always ends up like this, people create crazy theories, everyone thinks that they know what is gonna happen in next chapter and then oda comes in and says fuck you and does something 180 degrees different

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How high is Coby's bounty?

Blackbeard would not let anyone put a bounty on his favorite bussy


They said that they want to see Sega win the console war

But a lot of people get their theoriest right, Sabo being accused of killing Cobra was predicted by a lot of people here.

It's to be a pilot of a giant gundam. Screencap this.

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>i want to be god

THAT dream

Suck Oden’s cock

Cross Guild has no reason to put a bounty on someone's already claimed.

really? THAT one?

wet dream

"I wanna fondle my wife's big boobs for a whole week."

>Sabo being accused of killing Cobra was predicted by a lot of people here.
dude. this one was obvious as fuck, every retard could predict that...
there is some things that people can predict like this one, but more complicated stuff 90% of the time is wrong because oda creates some crazy stories, there's like 90000 examples of this in wano alone

King of the scallywags

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Post Cute and Canon

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Endgame right here, brothers

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Where are the raws?

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>dude. this one was obvious as fuck, every retard could predict that...
Most people got it wrong tho and people have been able to predict "the more complicated stuff too". Oda said that you should currently be able to predict the ending of the series.

Have you checked your anus?


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>Dragon, I'm Cipher Pol

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I miss her...

Is it confirmed the chapter doesn't tell us the dream or is there a chance the spoilerwhores are just omitting it?

2 billion, that's the increase Blackbeard got for capturing him. Like old Teach used to say, The Bussy is to die for.

Why are people thinking Bonney heard Luffy's dream? Redon said she only appeared afterwards

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Where does that spic drop her spoilers? Which website, I mean

Luffy goes from chimping out over the news about Sabo and Vivi to telling the crew his final dream with a panel of him looking as calm as can be. Obviously the full summary will provide us with more context. But be prepared for it to be off-panel.

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World Party


Betcha it's gonna be something childish like him wanting to make everyone in the world smile, and that's why they're shocked. And then due to Nika shenanigans spreading literal joy around, he's going to make it happen.

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It’s definitely not what he told Kaido, otherwise Oda would’ve just had Luffy repeat it.

Smile because she was here.

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Usopp seems a bit panicked for it to be that simple.
But then again, Usopp always panics so who knows

>I want to have a party with whole the world!
>I want to have an adventure beyond this sea! [I want to go to space]