Chainsaw Man

Kobeni's sibling did a cameo last chapter

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I want to cuddle with Yoru!

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Asa is for awkward unfulfilling sex with Denji
Yoru is for forced anal impregnation by CSM

>anal impregnation

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We all agree that Denji x Asa will eventually be a thing, right?

KEKji? My cuck
SHITji? My slave
WOOFji? My dog
CRAPji? My puppet
TRASHji? My minion
TOOLji? Was used
YAWNji? Killed the hype
INCELji? Never scored
TARDji? Retarded
BETAji? Busted his ass for a crumb of pussy
WHOji? Ok where is chainsawman?
RATji? Fought dirty
PLEBji? Shit taste in movies
GAPEji? Asshole widened by Yakuza
BITCHji? Cried
PAWNji? Discarded easily
LONEji? All friends dead
BLACKji? This nigga's whipped
STAGji? Wearing the horns


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Remember her?

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Literally who?

Can't say I've seen her before, officer

Where the fuck is the Yoru/Asa section

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Yes, we can also agree no one likes it

Why did SnKeks suddenly stop posting? Are they afraid the hype is back?

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Asasisters after the last chapter we don't ship Asaji anymore
From now on we're full sail on Ashida

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based Reze with the patrician taste

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Denji will win the Yoshidabowl
Pic related = Asucksisters

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Asa is built for the BST

Big Slimy Tentacle.

Fuck off roastie.
No one likes you

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What kind of music does Nayuta listen to aside from Baby Shark and ?

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They self inserted as Denji. Then 104 happened.

Makima a shit
therefore Nayuta a bigger shit because she isn't even hot.

>Nayuta isn't hot
how do you manage to make the gayest post in a thread with fujos in it

probably this

>Nayuta isn't even hot

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They have realized that Fujimoto hates P1's fans. If P1 is femdom, then P2 is maledom.

why is the probleme with 104 ?
it's not as if Denji has never been humiliated in the manga.
he willfully eat barf once. was treated like a dog by Makima, etc.

>then P2 is maledom
Denji is now a chair for women

*for men

>*blocks your path*

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I'm not a subhuman pdoshit like you.

Yeah, you don't even deserve to be called human, worm.

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>I'm a plebbitor
well that explains it

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>This is what Chairbros say themselves to cope

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Denji? The school slut.


so it was alright when denji was humiliated by women but now that he is willing to let men do the same for money, the self inserters are mad ?

Denji will probably end up with Yuko lol

discovering new music through this chart is so fucking bad, I cannot imagine anything other than Makima whenever I listen to Joanna Newsom now

It's over

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