Isekai Meikyuu

The harem part starts today.

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This slave is very uppity

I forget just how good the manga artist is sometimes, because he usually just draws the same three locations.

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marrying, nakadashi with shared orgasm and impregnate elf girls

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Acting like Roxanne would have been much worse.

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>episode ends without rape correction

This way the series ends with her first night.

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>The harem part starts today.
Does it really?

Roxanne is curvy and delicious but we need some contrast to her "SASUGA MASTER" every fucking 5 minutes

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She has the best expressions

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Michio is gonna punish this sassy brat with Durandal (his penis)

But I want this one.

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Reminder that Sherry is canonically the best in bed of Michio's whole harem and the only one who's ever cucked Roxanne of her first dibs, dwarf booty is just that good.

What's she supposed to be anyway?

Second season bro

A dragon. Everyone agrees they couldve done better with displaying that. But she can breathe fire, so theres that.

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I think the wn says she also has scales on her feet, when they should have at least been in more places.

She is unironically best girl, it is a shame the anime won't last long enough to show how much better than the fat dog she is. Not only do her intellect and sassiness compliment well with Michio's autism, she is also as much of a degenerate as he is, making their interactions both in bed and in the dungeon some of the most fun.

>she is also as much of a degenerate as he is
Michio is vanilla as fuck from what I've seen

Her breasts being air sacs does that mean she doesn't feel much when they get fondled?

I don't like her character design