Is it guaranteed at this point to be a cult classic?

Is it guaranteed at this point to be a cult classic?

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No stupid shill

Every anime you like is a cult classic and you are the cult if you ignore the rest of the world.

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Yes. The snek cult is strong.

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With emphasis on cult.

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I have respoted the memes I stolen from the cult now

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a setting about monsters, and angels losing their halos?
of course it's gonna be popular, it's a symbolic representation of the state of the world
>inb4 meds schizo

I would say so.

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Tachinbana Mai is such a cute cop.

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Literally never heard of this shit outside of Any Forums before the miku memes
I still have no idea what this anime is about nor do i recognise who is a main character
Fucking shill

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No, redditor, discussing anime on the anime board is not shilling.

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Isn't Any Forums just a subreddit?

Is HS/SubsPlease the only good release for this show? I'm going to watch all of it now.

yes. post pictures of pino doing drugs

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Trying to force it as a "cult classic" is

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