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>The Cover of the Weekly Shonen Jump #42 is Luffy as Nika (Gear 5). And the Color Spread is an updated version of the picture below (which Oda once said was his favorite illustration), but now with the current members of the Strawhat Crew.
It’s over. Oda used the completed crew on something based on his favorite spread

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Is Jimbei the bear snorting coke?

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Shin jidai!

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That dream....
That island..........
That scenery...............

Carrot didn’t inherit the will of P from Pedro to set out for the new dawn but instead she inherited the will of P from Perospero and decided her dream is to munch grass.

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WTF OP was supposed to be losing its audience this can't be happening

post characters that shared a color spread alone with the complete crew

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Chapter Title: "His" Dream
- Luffy reveals 'that' to the crew and we get to see their reaction
- Sabo continues his call with "someone"
- He mentions being "somewhere" and having seen a person doing 'that' on the empty throne
- Imu is seen with "something" that has Lulucia kingdom crossed out
- In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom 'something' start to gather and lightning is striking 'those places'
- 'Something' is seen falling down from 'there' onto the country
- 'THAT place' is destroyed
- The straw hats meet 'HER' with a bounty of 320mil at the end of "it".

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>off screen the interesting bits
>draw chopper vs throaway main villain sidekick number 465 second fight part 5/67 with excruciating detail.

That jutsu…

How hyped are you for her eminent return?

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>Caribou is calling THAT person about Pluton

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Based Bonney.

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>Boy, I can't believe the One Piece was THAT! Let's go pick up Tama and everyone!
Truly kino, GODA!

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>1057 has Luffy promising Yamato that he would return for either her, Momonosuke, or Kin if they ever decided to become pirates.
>1059 reveals that Luffy wanted Yamato to join and it took convincing on her part to get him to come to terms with her decision.
>1059 also shows that Yamato still has a desire to sail out to sea, specifically as the Straw Hat’s crewmate
>1060 has Luffy telling his crew his second dream, and coincidentally the only one other than the crew and Sabo who knows about Luffy’s second dream is Yamato
This bitch is coming back as the last crew member and you know it.

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Hope she got a

>If memory serves apparently that's just undone by a time rewind. I only read about it here so I'm not positive on it.
not quite

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I know right now my brothers are losing faith but THIS IS THE TIME TO INVEST IN CARROTCOINS

First off this Leak doesn't deconfirm Carrot since could hear Luffy's dream within the Barrel and they haven't reached the new island yet so she's still in prime position to join

Second we know Redon is a butthurt Yamato fan that even avoided breaking the news that Yamato was staying, and Drumz is saying that there was one nakama war candidate that was omitted from the spoilers, tell me why would Redon omitt Vivi, it's obviously Carrot

Stay strong Carrot bros our victory has almost arrived

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Endgame right here, brothers

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Carrotbros eating good.

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*Hope she got a powerup or something, if she's going to rejoin


It’s been a long time coming, Bibibro. I just hope she’s OK.

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THAT princess

>they haven't reached the new island yet
Yes they did

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Why do all shonen do this? Whats so exciting about punch hard when everything people talk about is what happens outside of said fights?

You can’t sit here and honestly say Oda’s writing for Carrot up until 1056 wasn’t completely half-assed. Unlike with Momonosuke and Vivi, Oda didn’t go out of his way to develop Carrot’s role as a future leader. She has always been a follower. Not to mention with Shishilian and the Musketeers being the arms of Zou and Wanda helping with advisory, it kind of just makes Carrot out to be just a figure head.
Perospero told her to go back home and literally munch on grass and Oda added in that same chapter a moment where Carrot remembers Pedro’s words to “move forward.” No matter what mental gymnastics you try to use, Pedro has never once said anything that indicated his will was to be a guardian of Zou. He wanted to join the Pirate King when he was younger and he was infatuated with the “Dawn of the World”, something I’m sure pretty Pedro himself didn’t even know what it was exactly.
Not to mention one of the reasons Nekomamushi and Inuarashi use to justify their decision to appoint Carrot as leader is that she has experience being overseas with the Straw Hats. Carrot has only been to two places outside of Zou: Whole Cake Island and Wano. All of the minks have been to Wano, so that only leaves Big Mom’s territory as the only place that Carrot has gone that the other minks haven’t yet. That’s it.
And this is only the start of it.

There is no point of debating around the lore when it be conveniently retconned (Pedro's will)

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No, they haven’t. Spoilers said they find Bonney next to a snowy island, but it doesn’t say the crew lands on that island.



Woahhh me cry cuz me jelly of Goda's success. Woahhh me no clues how to write and basics of a good story but me whine anyways.

Look I will be serious here, there are a gazillion things you can criticize Oda for, but building a good story, faking suspense and subverting expectations AINT one.

Those are critical in making a good story, and they are like fundamental in writing mangas to be specific. When you manage to write a story that your audience cannot predict what will happen next, then I think you can call yourself successful. When people think for example Kinnemon will die but he didnt and Izou who nobody thought would die did instead... Imho that is pretty amazing if you ask me. When people predict that Luffy's dreams will be told but it doesnt... then you are building a really fkin good story, as fake hype and unpredictable plot IS the symptons of a good story. If you can guess the entire plot from the first 5 minutes of a movie then I think you will not be sitting for the next 2 hours to watch it, same case with One Piece if you know what Luffy's dream is imho you will most likely quit reading the manga. But Oda still managed to masterfully tease you in a clever way, that makes his audience feel like they know sth BUT at the same time, really in the dark.

Just treat it like the final nakama question. It will be really boring if Oda just reveals who it is before even entering the final arc. I have no doubts Jewelry Bonney will be the final tagalong but desu, Irdk whether she will be the final nakama or not, as the last tagalong (Carrot) got treated like a fodder ans written out of the story!

But Chopper doesn't get screentime?

didn't read

> The crew saves Bonney
why? Didn't she said she hated the strawhats because of what happed with Zoro.

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>carrotfreaks turned yamatroons turned carrotniggers turned doomposters
hunterstrannies really are the clowns of this threads

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When did you realize Oda died and JJ Abrams was hired to ghost write One Piece?

>Zoro once again taking charge of the crew’s plans

She hated THAT man

>next to a snowy island
Wich means they reached the next island, you think Carrot will suddenly appear in the short time between this and them reaching the port?

When did she ever say that?

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Carrot will eat the yuki yuki no mi in her cover story.

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She's coming to pose in final war double spreads, might as well not join at all

first- they dont know who she is
second- are the STRAWHATS really not going to rescue someone at sea? c'mon

btw if bonney ate a devil fruit how the fuck is she floating on the water instead of falling down?

carrot is garbage

Post Cute and Canon

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First off you’re assuming that snowy island is the next destination, and second the crew doesn’t land on the island.

He's coping but bonnie is floating in the sea, they never reach the island


When THAT began.

Who is that man?
Where is that place?
What is that dream?
What was that event?

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>color spread
I'm sure Oda received lots of request for a cover with Yamato and the strawhats

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Chapter Title: "THAT man's" Dream
- THAT man reveals 'THAT' to THEM and we get to see THAT
- THAT man continues his call with "SOMEONE"
- He mentions being "SOMEWHERE" and having seen THAT person doing 'THAT' on THERE
- THAT silhouette is seen with "SOMETHING" that has THAT kingdom crossed out
- In the skies of THAT Kingdom "SOMETHING" starts to do THAT
- "SOMETHING" is seen falling down from "THERE" onto "THERE"
- "THAT place" is destroyed
- THAT crew meet "HER" with a bounty of THAT amount of berri at the end of "IT".

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>put zoro in the center of a vice captain color spread
>say in the SBS that it doesn't mean he's the vice captain
>immediately go on to parallel Luffy/Zoro with Kaido/King
wtf is oda's problem?

oda attended the TEDtalk and took copious notes.

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The will of THAT LETTER

So the spoilers clearly imply that Robin has heard Luffy’s dream before.

What is it with this bitch and keeping secrets?

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she has the snow snow fruit moron

Luffy's dream is either
>Go to space
>Have everyone in the world be his nakama
>'Something' 'else' that is totally 'crazy'
See you next week, or at 'a different time'

They won. It's all over.

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Who cares? magic wood

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Post one (1) other cover page request has Oda turned into a color spread.

Zoro will become Vice Captain when Yamato joins. He’ll get promoted and Yamato will have the combatant role.

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THAT bitch will keep THAT information to itself.

One Piece is ghost written by THAT man

>the only one other than the crew and Sabo who knows about Luffy’s second dream is Yamato
which chapter was this revealed in ? I don't remember

One piece just isn't the same anymore
I'm considering dropping


lol wut


I love Carrot!

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>you’re assuming that snowy island is the next destination
Have the SHs ever gotten near an island without visiting it?
>the crew doesn’t land on the island.
Again, do you really think Carrot will appear in the time between rescuing Bonney and getting to the island, even though it has been days since the dream talk?
See above, they are next to the island already, what difference does it make?


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It's been garbage ever since the Nika shit.


>carrot spam replaced with THAT spam
is this what mental illness looks like?

>the chapter is a 10/10 because… the rabbit got BTFO!
You guys are pathetic

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>leakers tell everyone not to read the spoilers because it's a peak chapter
>it's literally fucking nothing because hackda offscreened everything
Why are leakers all such faggots?

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Lorechads... I kneel...

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Denialbros…this does not look good…