One Piece

Chapter 1060: Luffy's Dream
- Luffy reveals his Dream to the crew and we get to see their reaction
- Sabo continues his call with dragon
- He mentions being in Lulucia Kingdom and having seen a person sitting on the empty throne
- Imu is seen with a map that has Lulucia kingdom crossed out
- In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom dark clouds start to gather and lightning is striking left and right
- An object is seen falling down from the sky onto the country
- Lulucia Kingdom is destroyed
- The straw hats meet Jewelry Bonney with a bounty of 320mil at the end of the Chapter


WSJ Cover is Luffy as Nika (Gear 5)

The colour spread seems to be a request of OP pic but with the 10 current strawhats

Robin is reading the newspapers
The crew comes to understand the world situation (Sabo killing Cobra) while they were in Wano Kuni.

Luffy says the newspaper must be wrong because Sabo just wants to free everybody.
He then talks about his dream.
"This is the end of my dream...."
He reveals it to the crew but we are not shown what his dream is

The 5ch user describes the Lulucia Kingdom destruction as some kind of death ball akin to Frieza's death ball in dragon ball, or just an enormous lightning strike.

Something gigantic appears above the island, above the clouds (we can't see it). It starts shooting laser beams (or something similar) over the island, producing a huge explosion in the form of a sphere. But the sphere is the product of the impact of the laser beams on the island.

Although it is not confirmed in the chapter, I think it is clear that Imu controls the Ancient Weapon "Uranus", which is a kind of flying ship capable of destroying entire islands.

Straw Hat crew find Bonney some days after the first part of the chapter (the part about Luffy's dream).

They find her in the sea (she's in kid form), near a winter island with a strong climate. Straw Hat crew save her.

No break next week

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Oops I meant to post this as OP pic

Reaction translations:
Jinbe: Hmm? Just now.. What did you...?
Namei: Eh?
Zoro: Ha?
Brook: Yohoho! That is way too fun!!
Usopp: Oi. No, no, you...!!!
Franky: Wahaha, that's great, the best!!
Sanji: Dahahaha! Oi, Chopper, you should examine his head!!
Robin: .....
Chopper: Wah~~~.....!!

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Endgame right here, brothers

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Furry Zoro is for sex.

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Post Cute and Canon

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Luffy's dream is either:
>Go to space
>Have everyone in the world become his "nakama"
My dream is for Oda to actually write a full conversation without offscreening the important part

>My treasure? I don't know what it is. It's yours, if you think about it, maybe. It's open to interpretation, really.

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Imu is literally kaguya. NARUTOTARDS I KNEEL

Luffy dream is end world hunger

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As long as you know you are complete and utter shonentrash just like me. Welcome to the club!

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Redon is now treating the spoiler releases as his personal blog post. the gall of this faggot

probably trying to get some extra attention off his theories because tiktok put him in his fucking place this week lol what a fucking fag.

Rodent has always been a complete fag who loses his temper whenever other leakers (real or fake) do anything
It's no surprise

>one piece was all a dream all along

>Luffy says the newspaper must be wrong because Sabo just wants to free everybody.
>He then talks about his dream.
"This is the end of my dream...."
hackda who the fuck reading daily newspaper then suddenly revealing his dream to everyone

>I think it is clear that Imu controls the Ancient Weapon "Uranus", which is a kind of flying ship capable of destroying entire islands
What a bummer, I thought that Uranus was the Lunarian genes that were used to make the PX Seraphims.

>Villain can nuke places from afar
Jesus fuck why did Oda bother to keep writing when all this is just shaping up to be a shittier version of Skypiea?

laugh when Enel = Imu reveal is done

Why would Lunarians be an ancient weapon when we already have one "alive" weapon in the form of Shiraoshi ?
They also do not seem to have island destroying capabilities

maybe there is a 4th weapon above the 3: Zeus

his dream is not becoming the Pirate King?

>Luffys dream
>his fruit is taking over his personality
It begins.

>dream just get teased again


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Blue-ball Piece.

I’m just a dog, chasing cars

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She's fucking in bros

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>break next week

Sanji's reaction was the most insulting, he really needs to get his shit kicked in again.

If carrotfags are right about her being in the ship, then now she also knows Luffy's dream, giving her even more leverage to join the crew.