Shokugeki no Soma

This is the moment you should stop reading this manga. It never recovers. It only get worse.

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I still can't get over how you could fuck up the manga that hard.
I don't know if it has ever happened but if there's one title that deserves a reboot past a certain part, it's this one.

You got the wrong page.

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A reboot wouldn't help as it's clear that the author had no idea what made the manga good. Or maybe his editor kept telling him that cooking powerlevels are the hottest shit.

>erina officially steps into the heroine role
>manga goes to shit

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This right here. Prior to this there was still some sliver of hope that it could be salvaged.

I still can't get over the fact that El Hermano actually turned out to be a blood related brother, shit was just too funny.

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>it's cookin' time

It became kinda meh but the moment it truly jumped the shark was El Hermano offscreen’d Saiba

Why was the Autumn Election arc so fucking good?

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Because we got focus on various side characters plus the cooking abilities weren’t complete bullshit.

I'm sad the three way rivalry never really went anywhere. Ryo especially got shafted hard.

Oh, it started going downhill, for sure, but at least seeing Tootsuki's Elite 10 allowed for one, last sliver of festival fun between Cooking Jesus and Insecure Midget.

Only for it to immediately be followed by
>Everything is fate
>Now have a food battle against this literal circus clown

>"Eizan! Thank you for bribing us to vote for you in any shokugeki you accept! We'll make it SO OBVIOUS you're bribing us, we won't even taste your opponent's dish and just vote for you before the cooking is over!"
>"OH! But Cooking Jesus made a dish! I... I'll take your money and try his dish and I'll love it but rather than vote for you, I'll vote for him anyway HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what was the point of all this again? Pride?"

OP, you realize this is what people read the manga for, right?
Saeki Shun drew it as an excuse for light porn more people would see.

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Soma actually lost for once.
Hayama, even though I don't like him as a character, has believable cooking skill.

Nah, the Central arc wasn't so bad. Pic related is where you should drop the series.

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>all the build up and anticipation for Soma to finally beat his father in a cooking contest, only for his dad to job off screen to Gary Stu El Hermano
>to add insult to injury he even fucking NTRs Soma
Fuck everything about the final arc.

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New artwork by Tosh.

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Yet popularity fell later on despite the porn staying. Not everyone is a coomer.

I should have dropped Soma at that page. THIS is the page where I ended up finally dropping it.

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I naturally stopped after that part even before I developed awareness.

Legitimately just a really good tournament arc. boy...

Megumi has perfect hips.