Biggest cockblocker in anime/manga?

Every time Tadano is about to score with Komi, he/she gets in the way

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he has to secure the cock for himself somehow

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Xe wants him for xeself.

yeah the correct pronoun is he (she)

He has a micropenis and decided that life was easier as a girl. He knows Tadano is packing a girthy 9 in her and sees Komi getting more lustful over time. Every time Najimi puts on his cage, he dreams of being a sub worshipping both Tadano and Komi. He's inserting himself into every heated moment in the hope they'll include him, even as a ryona pet.

this show is for retards

She's a girl and she's keeping her back-up in reserve by cockblocking Komi. Tadano should really just bend her over and fuck her brains out as punishment.

Not even close. Maybe you're not picking up on the subtext but all of those pointless classroom chapters of Najimi leading them all in various games is securing a loyal powerbase to overthrow the two whores and claim Tadano all for himself. Think Julius Caesar but he's crossing the Rubicon for that dick.

Nah man, it's because Najimi is deeply insecure and needs attention. He longs for the peace of mind that comes from submission, but no one is making a move on him. He is jealous of Tadano and Komi, who are well liked without having to run a game show every day. He's afraid of what will happen when they kiss, because it's likely he won't be included.

Because Najimi like watching Tadano suffer. Tadano will break through eventually.
I just want Komi to be happy, man.

Jealousy that will be answered with force. He'll never have that peace of mind as long as she's around, so he's put 400 gorillion chapters of scheming to get rid of her once and for all.

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I miss early Najimi where this part of her character shone through.

I still don't know why this manga is so gay.

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Oda's wife write Yuri.
birds of a feather flock together I guess

Damn she even wrote the manga for him too? What a keeper.

I didn't expect that to affect him.

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In a bonus chapter, Komi couldn't communicate that she needed to go to the bathroom, and ended up soiling her panties.

wtf picked up again

It's a pointless character but the show would be dry as fuck if he wasn't involved.