Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Rebecca didn't deserved it bros

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Why can't more anime girls be like Lucy?

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She definitely deserved to get smashed

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>Were having a mo-

Let the discussion die now, it's already been over 24 hours, let the interracial anime die

clearly she's build differently

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>9:30 EDT
>americans wake up
>thread becomes buzzword shitfest and black cock discussion

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Official illustration

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Cute and pure

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Sad how Any Forums embraces pozzed shit. This is how the west will corrupt Japan.

my wife

>only feet are male

well at least she got that much

why are japs organically incapable of letting best girl win, or even just not lose this fucking hard?


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>Only nipples are on David

and dead

>two white women obsessing over a latino man
Sad day for japan

I can fix her.

yep thats her

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This is a shill thread.

Is it canon?

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Damn that's some shit art on Lucy's hip box

Threesome is now cannon.

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It'll die down because they'll soon have to sit in traffic in their cuckmobiles and slave away for 12 hours for schlomo in order to pay off their credit card debt.

You know, the spanish subtitles are appropriate

Pure cute

What is this hairstyle called?

>tfw no gf to take to the comfy moon shack and listen to I REALLY WANT TO STAY AT YOUR HOUSE by Rosa Walton & Hallie Coggins

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davido already fixed her, user

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Not Any Forums fuck off

She's a thot, accept it


Lost a fight to a lawnmower

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Fucking nice, but who made it and also source?

Lucy is the best girl
The loli slut is only a good lay, that's why she's a Mox
the dump sucks the waifu wars would be kino if this was released weekly

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> cold-hearted girl now turned into a qt supporting gf after getting the D
david's a lucky son of a btich

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>Why can't more anime girls be like Lucy?
Just watch older cyberpunk anime

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Did she chrome up her tits at some point? She wasn't that big earlier.

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>Lucy is a mix of Lain and Zero-Two

how is that different over a gaggle of white bitches drooling over some chinky eyed jap, tourist?

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Too bad it didn't last that long.

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>dungeon kino
>Panty & Stocking with Kino
>Kinoman movie
We won

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