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we won again, Denialkings®

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Endgame right here, brothers

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Did Castro won in the end?

It feels like Oda is milking this and that he's actually one huge con artist. Like he relies on manipulative tactics to keep people reading, instead of just focusing on telling a good story. He tried to make us think Sabo is dead. The reveal is that Sabo isn't dead. That didn't improve the story at all, it just made the readers blueballed and turned them into cliffhanger addicts who buy the manga just to find out what happened. It's a good business strategy, but it makes me lose respect for him as I find the intent behind it to be as malicious as game developers who put lootboxes so that addicts will give them all their life savings. Imagine paying for a chapter, it ends on a cliffhanger. You then buy the next chapter only for it to switch to something else. So you bought his manga with the expectation that he will continue off from last chapter, only for him to switch to something else. How is that not a scam? Then you hear about luffy talking about his dream. You quickly buy the newest chapter only to find out the dream is off-screened. I don't think it improves the story by doing this. The important stuff gets off-screened.
I'm starting to see Oda in a new light. No other manga made me feel this way. That the author just sees his readers as people to milk wallets out of. We're nothing more than money dispensers to this guy, which is why he had a film red advertisement in the manga. Why he allows the Anime to have dogshit pacing. People will defend Oda and say he's not responsible. But I promise you Oda dances his way to the bank every time he gets a check from the anime studio. Other Mangaka out there will publicly go on twitter to shame anime studios for decisions they disagree with.

Honestly I never expected Bonney to be the central character of the final saga but here we go.

All of you pink hair fetishists won.

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Btw I just started reading One Piece this week.

Pink is justice

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Candyman fucking won.

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>wake up
>the shitty spoilers from yesterday were real
Hackda is losing it. Making Luffy talk about his "secret" dream out of fucking nowhere and STILL offscreening it.
Every single chapter since 1054 has been entirely schizophrenic bullshit.

It's time to once and for all admit that One Piece is not good anymore and you literally cannot argue against this fact anymore Wano is THE WORST arc is WSJ history and not even people like murphy who make their living by defending One Piece can lie about it anymore
Don't you think it's time to stop reading? HunterxHunter is going to return this year so you'll have something else to read soon enough, so why not cut your losses and try smething else? Just try. It won't hurt you to read something else for once. It won't hurt you to read something a little smarter. Who knows, you might end up liking it.

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Fuck off, shill.

Carrot's coronation? off screened
Luffy's dream? off screened
That one winter island they went to? off screened

>You can fuck her through her ages
>everyday's fuck would be different
Is she the ultimate cocksleeve?

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Carrot didn’t inherit the will of P from Pedro to set out for the new dawn but instead she inherited the will of P from Perospero and decided her dream is to munch grass.

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Biggest KWAB award goes to Carrotfags. We did warn them not to fall down the same rabbithole Yamatofags and Sanjifags did though.

She's carrying the grandson of Gol D Rodgers

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Nice, now can we get Perona as well?

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I think if Bonney heard the dream then I feel that puts her out of the race. I think the dream reveal will be when the tenth nakama joins.

>carrotfags were the hackposters all along
Imagine my lack of shock

i'm afraid to ask but why haven't luffy discussed his dream with the crew all this time? i thought they were family

It's happening, Bonney will deliver the goods and direct the strahats to her.

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Kys Zolokek

Furfags were right though, we got a stowaway....just not the one they were hoping for

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Did Bonney hear Luffy's dream?

1060 chapters and we finally get to know Luffy's dream? I'm so hyped!

He didn't lie about ending OP within 3 years


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Bonneychads...we eating good

Bonney wasn’t a stowaway though? Spoilers say the crew finds her.

But Peros failed, the alliance took down the yonkos and Pedro was avanged.

Pink Gang

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>governments final weapon is army of black people
he gonna pop off fr fr

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What are you so afraid of? Just read a few chapters of something else, bro.

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Being smothered by Smoothie's gigantic pussy!
>Average Labia Majora length: 3.1" (7.87cm)
>Times Smoothie Scale (x 2.873): 8.9"(22.6cm)
>Times One Piece Multiplier (x 1.75): 15.57" (39.54cm)
>Average labia minora: between 0.4cm (0.15") to 6.4cm (2.51") in length, 2cm (0.78") wide.
>Times Smoothie Scale: 1.14cm (0.44") to 18.38cm (7.23") X 5.7cm (2.24")
>Times One Piece Multiplier: 2.52cm (0.77") to 32.16cm (12.65") in length X 9.97cm (3.92")
>average male human face: 11cm long X 15cm wide

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History has absolved the Bonneyfags.

oda made up this shit like 100 chapters ago please understand

3 years in story or 3 irl years? Did he specify?

Not interested in novels.

Just admit you are assmad about carrot NOT joining.


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>Thanks for letting me join the crew as your lookout Luffy. That run-in with Mecha Big Mom at Elbaf was scary, but you really pulled through with that Gear Death thing of yours!
>No worries, bro

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if this """10/10""" chapter doesn't raise redflags I don't know what will


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Carrotbros, what is our final cope?

Feel Like Pure Shit Just Want Him Back X

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Pink chads are winning since the first arc, pal.

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>Go munch on some grass in forest
>She actually does
Lol what a weak bitch.

already forgotten

>calls it a great arc with valid things to complain about
It's over bros... One Piece is finished.

They dont know its Bonney, she is hiding her identity

holy milk

Off screen garbage piece is back!

>HunterxHunter is going to return this year so you'll have something else to read soon enough
>soon enough

I'm going with Redon is incapable of following timeline cues. It's the same guy who said there was a Giraffe amongst the revolutionnary when it was a cow.

My issue with HxH is the Hiatus, once I get back to it, he will go hiatus again, no thanks


Don't care about Bonney but this three fanbases getting utterly BTFO by her is nice.

>OPfag falseflagging as Hunterchad to damage control the chapter
every time


m8 the first pre timeskip chunk of the manga was just a few months, the 2 year timeskip took up more of their lives than their journey with Luffy. They're not family.

Once it goes on hiatus again, you'll return to OP and it'll get better

You can’t sit here and honestly say Oda’s writing for Carrot up until 1056 wasn’t completely half-assed. Unlike with Momonosuke and Vivi, Oda didn’t go out of his way to develop Carrot’s role as a future leader. She has always been a follower. Not to mention with Shishilian and the Musketeers being the arms of Zou and Wanda helping with advisory, it kind of just makes Carrot out to be just a figure head.
Perospero told her to go back home and literally munch on grass and Oda added in that same chapter a moment where Carrot remembers Pedro’s words to “move forward.” No matter what mental gymnastics you try to use, Pedro has never once said anything that indicated his will was to be a guardian of Zou. He wanted to join the Pirate King when he was younger and he was infatuated with the “Dawn of the World”, something I’m sure pretty Pedro himself didn’t even know what it was exactly.
Not to mention one of the reasons Nekomamushi and Inuarashi use to justify their decision to appoint Carrot as leader is that she has experience being overseas with the Straw Hats. Carrot has only been to two places outside of Zou: Whole Cake Island and Wano. All of the minks have been to Wano, so that only leaves Big Mom’s territory as the only place that Carrot has gone that the other minks haven’t yet. That’s it.
And this is only the start of it.

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Reminder Minks have no rights.

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What would Shanks think about this?

Okay schizo

Tama didn't though?

more like 60, it was in chapter 1000

IRL, he want to end it soon, it's going to be rushed

Pedro never dreamed of bringing the dawn, he wanted to help whoever his people and the kozuki were waiting to bring the dawn in whatever way he could.

But didn’t Drumz confirm our win? What happened?

Luffy's powerlevel looking kind of low bros...

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Doesn't seem like Bonney hears Luffy's dream, she is uncouncions since Redon says she hasn't talked with the SHs yet in the chapter.
But this feels so weird. Oda just skipped them finding her and also them going to an island.
So this means that bullshit map was wrong, right? So we don't know at all if Kid and Law are going to either Spinx or Elfab of Teach's island

what's wrong with this chapter? seems pretty innocuous

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Strongest female in One Piece.

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They didn't tell us Luffy's secret dream which proves Oda is skipping Elbaf

The dream is off screened, we only see the reactions.

Nothing it's over, simping for Perospero maybe, he was proven 100% correct

>can't defend Oda's shitty writing
>u-ur just a carrotfag
Perospero not murdering the rabbit despite multiple chances was bad writing too btw

No one cares about your shitty furry
Thank god she won’t be stealing more sceeentime from other characters

who the fuck is drum


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Wait no I'm wrong, Redos says they find her after the part of Luffy's dream and that she's conscious

Please, C-chads, let’s have a moment of silence for Moda…Ace’s first love.

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What the fuck is that winter island

He literally made it up during the ASL flashback.

>blocks your path

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That isn't Big Mom.

He'd mastrubate Beckmann to the video recording.

Let's see.
>Chapter titled Luffy's Dream
>>Dream is offscreened
>Bonney appears in the ship
>>But the way they find her is offscreened
>Sabo finally appears
>>But instead of answers he gets offscreened into a mysterious situation again, creating more questions

I can't tell if you're mocking some anons here, and that worries me.

what is this?

Oda doesn't care about good narrative, he want to end OP within 3 years, he want to rush islands and characters to work instead in MCU tier movies.
Please understand.

Why do the good die young and sexy?

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>beautiful AND strong
Who can possibly compete?

CUTE pink haired

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I'd rather have Poire's winning smile.

Dead and forgotten Hancock will be the new strongest woman and surpass her the new generation will surpass the old.

Tama bros...Bonney can transform into a child...and she can fight...She gonna steal our place

Why is Kekro afraid to go to Mary Geoise?

I am making fun of them, yes.

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shame best showing she ever got was in PW 4

Where the fuck is all the carrot porn?!

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is it not told or is it not revealed in the spoilers yet

And just like that, threads get immediately slower.
All that's left is getting rid of pedophiles and we're back one piece bros

>can’t defend Oda’s writing
There’s nothing to defend, fag. You just don’t know how to read and get assmad about being btfo repeatedly. We knew about Luffy’s dream years ago you just didn’t want to admit it was something different than what you wanted.