What the fuck

What the fuck

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Yeah it looks way too good



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matsumoto milkies


>This was considered comically large in the early 2000's

built for hitsugaya

always have been

Boy, do i look forward to a new wave of bleach porn

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the series is 15 years old retard what the fuck are you talking about, it ended like 10 years ago too


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>he doesn't know

so we're getting a new movie? qrd?


Aren't a lot of characters dead? When does it take place, is it even "canon"? Though this is kubo he's probably making shit up on the fly

How do you not know the anime is returning?

I was in a comma for 5 years bear with me

Why would you have a bear with you while in a comma?

NTA but meeting with bear was probably cause of coma

was trying to shit in the woods