Yojouhan Time Machine Blues

Really good first ep, mad to think the staff can get back together after 12 years and pick up the tone perfectly.

Also RIP Keiji Fujiwara

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I like it, but it feels a bit too sequel-y. The style is mostly there, but it kind of dwells on certain scenes longer than Galaxy did and it feels like it needs to pay reverence to it. It might be a petty criticism, but it annoys me when sequels feel the need to repeat gags or bits from the previous work, like pic related.

Also Higuchi's voice change really stings. I don't hate the new voice in and of itself, but I think they could have found a more fitting one. It sounds too snarky and not suave enough.

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Well, not exactly the same staff as the first

Maybe it was like:

> let's take a different interpretation of the character with a the VA

rather than trying to imitate the original

this was insanely good

wasn't he dating akashi

yeah, that's exactly what i remembered too

But maybe it's a different version of Akashi since this time she is a movie director and not in another club



Incredibly dead thread.

Oh nice, I completely forgot about this. Hopefully it's better than Sonny Boy

Even if it was the same reality, which I doubt it is, it's clearly not set after the end of Galaxy since Watashi is still in a 4.5 tatami room and Higuchi and Hanuki are still around.

Do japs not go home for the summer vacation in college?

Summer vacation in Japan is much shorter than the rest of the world. I'm pretty sure there's no time off in June, and school only closes for part of July and August. Maybe some students don't bother going back home.

>No Etsuko Yakushimaru ED

That was a fun epsiode. Dead thread though.

I need to watch this. Is it subbed yet?

Yes, you could have checked yourself

Where can I watch it?