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Pffft, hahahaha!
Oh, wait, you’re serious; ok, let me laugh even harder

That looks like THE pool

christpilled medbvll with galtic ancenstry was based
reddit: the post

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why were the only white male characters
>canon fodder that died
>irrelevant side characters
Why were all the relationships dark skinned male x light skinned female?

Shouldve joined Arasaka atleast he'd have a chance to see her in the future.

why are you outside of your containment board?

>why were the only white male characters every character
also David is whiter than all of Any Forums combined

David's white.

It does lol

Your race is dead

average one piece fan

I mean his last name is Hernandez, but it doesn't really matter. He's not used as a way to preach about heritage and whatnot. He just exists, and it's refreshing.

Shut the fuck up retard


Nah, David was a decent character. Far from the worst I've seen. A little on the angsty side though.

He was a non character, like almost all anime protags

Falco is one of the only survivors and was crucial to the absolute BS at the end with that nigh indestructible car of their's. Godlike wheelman.

>t. didn't watched it

>I mean his last name is Hernandez
Well it isn't...

You know what, you're right. It's Martinez. I have no idea why I had Hernadez in my head.

I actually watched all 10 episodes, ESL kun
Name a character trait he had other than "oppressed"

is Netflix anime the only way to get western stories with Japanese animation? Because Japan has no more good stories to tell desu.

user, spanish is actually originally spoken in....

>Because Japan has no more good stories to tell desu
pooor bait but i'll answer seriously anyway
The shit stories are what sell so only those get adapted

The mc called falco a geezer

I understand but Night City, while it's own legally distinct area (not a part of the NUSA), is near southern California. Not anywhere near Spain.

How is this a western stroy? It's literally just a trigger anime with cyberpunk setting. Netflix doesn't have shit to do with it either since CDPR funded it

Bet he also banged Kiwi on regular basis

This is a shill thread.