Why does new anime have no soul?

Why does new anime have no soul?

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Because of moeshit and LN isekai

a lot of older anime is unwatchable.

Profits triumphs creativity, it's basically why anime games shows have gotten shitter.

You became the soulless one.

Eh, there are still the occasional product with soul and effort put into it, sometimes it sells well and sometimes it doesn't, usually doesn't.

Because digital coloring is too bright, too high contrast, inherently unnatural. Non digital coloring had no true white, nothing close to it, digital coloring has way too much true white and very bright yellow/tan

I wish we could talk about old anime in relation to itself, without making it some kind of competition all the time.

Ever heard of wapchan?

You can’t because the anime fandom is dominated by sheeple who started watching anime in 2014 and only watch flavor of the month moeshit and isekai because that’s what anitubers and twitter talk about.
If you were to make a thread that doesn’t talk about multiple shows at once and is extremely vague the thread would quickly drown in the sea of seasonal moetrash and coomthreads, also you should charge the thread with some contreversy and tenseness just to be safe hence “old good new bad” is the only consistently valid format to talk about old anime

You sound like a newfaggot tourist with all these buzzwords.

You're part of the problem, Mauritanian faggot. Your old good new bad bait threads are actively killing discussion of old anime on Any Forums.

I don't want /ar/ I want Any Forums to be less bad

>Any Forums being good
>current year
pick one. as long as this site has it's "secret" jannie discord there's no hope for it.

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02 is SOUL!
but not all anime have a 02

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Not arguing for whichever side, but you do realize people can just not use white highlights if that automatically makes something souls right? What you mentioned in favor of old anime is just technology limitations. Bright highlights is always the intended look, it's just pristine white is incredibly hard to maintain when processing for animation

Not true. I am sick of that meme. Cell animated anime in the 90s and 80s was fucking bright on screen. It is the shitty dvd copies that give the opposite impression. Modern BDs of old cell anime say otherwise.


Won't happen, the current wave of old anime fans are teenagers obsessed with pitting old anime against new anime instead of actually talking about old anime, like this Mauritanian shitposter here

You have done more damage to pre-2000s discussion than the people you complain about

Where were you when some faggot chinkshills are trying to shill their modern garbages here ?

And they're usually Mauritanian or Rumikofags for some reason

Any Forums will always be filled with middle schoolers defending their garbage taste and youll just keep getting older and more tired. Its the way things have always been

It'll only get worse as the new generations grow up on streaming services.