Do you like the direction this series is headed?

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how much bigger will they grow

Ritz just doing whatever she wants is great.


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I'm more in favor of the nopan myself.

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this is a story about mahjong

That too

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how does ritz get away with it?

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I don't know but I'm pleased

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the only explanation is the the world of saki bows down to a religion that prohibits underwear

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Or they were erased out of existence just for our sake. I'm glad you're posting Hatsumi though, she needs more love.

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>No given explanation for the growth
>No other character even acknowledges it
Not that I'm complaining but i find this whole thing very confusing.

I just want to know if Saki has already fucked Nodoka.

They worship the Great Ritz.

Needs bare nipples

Let Hayarin sing a song for all fans...
wait, she can't get up!

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>scantily clad leggy lolis
>giant but not grotesque tits still appropriate for their art style among every other size
>several confirmed lesbians but not the entire cast so everyone gets love
>heavy fanservice focus and ass shots when not actually playing the game
This series wants every man's balls to stop working.

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>flat again
damn, Ritz, be a little more consistent.

Are you sure this will help us sell more Mahjong?

areola so small...