My Hero Academia


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ochako gets a bigger ass

And finally get groped by a Nomu?


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Ochako getting KUROINU'd by a Nomu

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the absolute state of these threads

MHA will have a two-weeks celebration for the start of season 6 in Weekly Shonen Jump. Next week it will be getting the cover of the magazine and a color spread for chapter 367, and then another color page in the next issue for chapter 368!!

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>Hori can barely finish chapters nowadays
>now he has to draw two color pages on top of it
No wonder he's rushing the shit out of mha

What eviscerated the hype?

Oh no no no anonkunbro Mineta is made for Froppy

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Lack of Ochako getting canonically pounded to fuck by a Nomu


Look at her body. If there was any girl built specifically for it it's her.

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My Hero Academia is shit

no it isnt
fuck you

Yes it is.

Yes, everyone - including your parents - know you are.


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Ah yes, my violent pelvis smashing wife

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