Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

It’s just like my evangelions

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First for Rebecca

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Any space cougars in this one?

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So... get away...

So this is why you guys kept saying "don't stick your dick in crazy", it's because they stop being crazy.

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Is this achievable natty?

So we’ve already got confirmation that Lucy and David figs are on the way. Who else in Edgerunners is worthy of merchandise?
I know he’s kinda bland, but I wouldn’t mind a Falco, Kiwi and Rebecca too of course

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>Not mentioning Rebecca
Still waiting on the porn

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Cyberpunk Scarface TTGL was good

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he fixed her, but she couldn't fix him back

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>mantis blades with no reflex tuner
He asked for it.


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That part when David considered going separate ways made me think he was gonna hook up with Becca

>Neon unshaven bush
What am I looking at

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Weird, Rebecca isn’t listed on MFC yet, hopefully she doesn’t become this series’ Nonon getting fuck all for merch

Soon as I saw her I knew I got tagged, they hit my type square on the fuckin head. Well played trigger

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Just wait until you see her "mouth"

David's Mom is hot.

Please tell me the fucking robot who killed Becca gets what he fucking deserved

Grannies are your type?

That's up to you, the player.

I'm a man of peculiar taste

play the game sir

What happened to David's foot tapping autism? It was a cute quirk

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You can be any age you want in the future

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You can kill curb stomp him with a dildo

Adam Smasher is one of the antagonists you face in the game, so no. People were pointing out how he's actually pretty easy to beat depending on your build, but maybe V is simply built different

I know the lore pretty well, but this has always escaped me: how do people become fixers in the first place? They're basically middlemen that make a ton of eddies from the comfort of their chair. I imagine you have to be a social butterfly to serve as a point of contact between corpos, gangs and independent mercs? It reminds me a little of my irl job: I serve as a point of contact between the client, developers and tech support. The client is not very interested in technical details, also some of those are under NDA, the techies are not really fluent in English and would rather spend their time behind the keyboard, just chilling alone and coding. Same for the devs: if there's a feature that the client wants, and it's getting delayed, it's my job to smile, joke and explain enthusiastically how it's not really a problem and our devs will end up having more time to troubleshoot it, so it's a good thing in the end (which is bullshit ofc). Am I getting the fixer class more or less correctly?

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Anxiety, once he chopped his leg off it moved to arm shaking because of his overmodding

Yeah more or less. Every industry has their middlemen, my first internship/job in entertainment was at a talent agency. Point A and Point B aren’t always super interested in interacting with each other so it’s their job to grease the machine

Fixers train other fixers, or mercs who live long enough to retire become fixers. You need connections. Maybe you start because a corpo needs someone to take the fall for a job by putting it all together, so you're picked out to find people, pull a job, and have it all left at your feet. You survive that, well, you've shown you got an eye for talent and can do the work.

Sasuga Trigger-sama!

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Was this written by a non jap? If so, do you want to see more anime of this standard or better without a jap writer?

Fixers are like the middle managers of the streets. They know where to get money or people with money, they also have contacts to get and give out jobs for those eddies.

Unironically he got laid, Maine picks up on the change in his demeanor when he stops doing it.

El Capitan was a corpo that left the job to "serve" his community. Wakako comes form a family who's all members were Tiger Claws. Dakota is a settled Neo-Tribal from the Aldecaldos. Regina is a ex-journalist etc. Seems like the two main factors you need to be a fixer is respect and plenty of connections.

>ending worked
>romance didn't had a will they won't they for half the show

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>hey B team, we over at the A team have been working on this Cyberpunk thing pretty much nonstop and we reeeally need a break.
>You mind covering for us while we step out for a quick cig and maybe a coffee?
>yeah nah, it’s real easy. All you gotta do is animate one running cycle, that’s all we need
>thanks you guys are the best

Yes, seeing David get the girl early on was refreshing.

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Writing in Anime/Manga will always inherently be the weakest link since it’s success is largely due to it’s unique visual. While not entirely groundbreaking plotwise, it was nice to see a show lacking the usual “accoutrements” that tend to come packaged in anime.

Thanks doc

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Also i think cooperation is the best
Westoids to tone down the jap autism and japs to keep the good shit like lolis

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>green (immunosuppressant) represents sanity
>purple represents cyberpsychosis
>balanced on a razor’s edge
Or something like that