Finally, an actual good harem. At least one with the balls to follow through. Why can't other isekai series do this?

Finally, an actual good harem. At least one with the balls to follow through. Why can't other isekai series do this?

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Because 99% of the time harem panders to the shallow coomer and teen audience.
It's usually some (beta) male with a bunch of female orbiters with no personality, and it either doesn't go anyway or one girl wins the harembowl.
Mushoku Tensei on the other hand has 4 very well developed characters, a well put out relationship between Rudy and wives, both circumstantial and "in-world" backing as to why this relationship is allowed and works.
And then you also add their children, which is just a cherry on top since even anime with monogamous relationships rarely ever go into the topic of the characters raising their children and even if it's usually like 1 child and it rarely has an impact on the story.
In Mushoku Tensei characters like Lara and Sieg actually have an impact on their parents as the story goes, children like Lucy on the other hand are just pure fanservice.

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>jobber that would abandon him for the princess if not kept happy 24/7
>jobber that literally blackmailed him emotionally into marriage because nobody else wanted to fuck her, then spends more time at her job than with him
>jobber that abandoned him for years causing his ED despite being so close before, then goes back expecting him to just accept her (which he does like the cuck he is)
why are MTards always so uppity despite their series being dosghit?
and why are westoids addicted to cheap forced melodrama?

>the waifus are shit, so the entire series is dogshit

This is a MT shill thread, not an isekai thread

Westoids like MT because it's written like inconsequential westoid media.
Rudeus may be one of the strongest people in the setting but he's trash at fighting so he always loses important fights JUST so you can't say it's wish fulfillment because he's so strong.
For some reason westoids love to self insert as powerless despondent cucks, and MT is a prime example of that, Rudeus life amounted to nothing at all past fucking the blue midget so she can plop out the actual protagonist.
The protagonist of a story that will never get written because the author is a hack and he knows it, so he will never stop procrastinating.

The generic isekai panders to teenagers with family issues. You have to get them away from the idea of family or else you lose profit.

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literally who?
no really, literally who?

oh, a Nanafag then?
keep seething

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considering its only claim to fame is its trash harem, yes
retarded take, though very much in line with Any Forums

It and most series pandered here are only good for the waifubait. So if the waifus are trash , the series is extra trash.

>its only claim to fame is its trash harem
nigger we're still 2 seasons away from a full harem and it already claimed the best anime in 2021
>retarded take
he's right though, most isekai is pandering to the people with issues

Yes most anime isekai are trash. goblin slayer, redo of healer, they only ever adapt the garbage and MT is no exception. The streamfags in china slurp it up of course.
>he's right though
Anyone that says this can't ever be right. Just such a braindead armchair psychologist larp that I feel even making a simple proof by contradiction here will lose me braincells

they were given personalities and goals of their own and you think it's a bad thing?


>The streamfags in china slurp it up of course
tfw when MT was banned in China for most of its run.

>then goes back expecting him to just accept her (which he does like the cuck he is)
The letter he sent was basically "Either you become my 3rd wife or GTFO"

their personalities can be described in a few sentences at most though
>midget with stockholm syndrome for the princess and rudy
>midget with an inferiority complex
>booba unga bunga retard that only knows sex and combat attached to rudeus because he was nice to her

>literal pedo in a kid's body fucks actual little girls and gets away with it
>story sees this as a good thing
How does he get away with it bros?

His sistermaid should have been included, otherwise good outcome.

>chad genes
>good looks
>and talent
unironically, this series is a concrete proof that eugenics rule the life

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