What makes Sonic X one of the best anime?

What makes Sonic X one of the best anime?

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>Season 1
Sonic if he real. Lose Chris and it be more appealing, it's pretty boring and the most exciting thing is the start in Sonic's world and when Eggman's mech uses the Emeralds to track Sonic.
>Season 2
Better than 1, adapting the Adventure games but the adaptations are pretty rushed, could have done way more to expand on the story and animation often isn't up to par.
>Season 3 starts with Eggman holding an unconsious Sonic in his base for a week
>Heals him back to health and worst thing he does is put a wiretap on him
Should have taken the chance to introduce Metal Sonic here. The rest of the season the only power advantage Eggman ever has is when Shadow's helping him out.
And it's a season where everyone is reliant on tech - Eggman's strongest point. So there's no excuse for how much he jobs.

t. rewatched it a month ago

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You know why

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I would have loved to see the Rush arcs adapted. What a shame

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Why is she so perfect?

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Because they're both cats


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Chris, unironically

Helen should've been Sonic's sexual partner

Looked like shitty fanart from the thumnail but it's actually pretty damn neat.

I liked that ghost castle episode.

I like Ghost Amy



Simple as that.

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She's a princess but she gets shit done and isn't afraid to do it herself.

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Because there's such a mess of very beautiful and tough women that it will make you love the franchise even more!

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The racist stereotypes.