Woman Logic: I like a guy but I'll go out with another guy hoping the guy I like will stop me...

Woman Logic: I like a guy but I'll go out with another guy hoping the guy I like will stop me. Go all the way a give virginity to the guy I'm "dating"

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There is a logic behind it.
It's evil.

A girl from my previous job did that, the point is to guilt trip the guy she's """"interested"""" so she would have some dumbfuck at her call. Dude would provide everything for her.

I'm sure Any Forums really misses you. You should go back there.


girls like these deserve to be left alone forever
if you don't have the minimum amount of courage to confess your feelings yourself but you need to have this convoluted way to attract somebody
you are literally brain damaged

Actually MC and Her were dating for a bit but MC didn't feel confident to take her virginity at the time

Girl ended up injuring MCs asshole older brother so she dated the older brother to pay him back.

She went all the way with the older brother losing her virginity in MCs house. This kick-starts the start of the manga where MC moves out because he felt betrayed.

Name pls


>woman logic
>written by a man

Wait, she actually had sex?

Did you misunderstand the plot? She never had sex with MC. She had sex with MCs older brother in attempt to make MC fight for her

Wow that's dumb.

>Gets BTFO

So nothing wrong

Well she's just the past girl. MC ends up with the main girl

>Well she's just the past girl
Yeah, no wonder.

You must have never interacted with women. There are way too many that act like they have some sort of telepathy.


Women don't have logic, or emotions for that matter. They literally aren't even human and should be exterminated.

I don’t read that kind of garbage in the first place.