Why isn't the survival genre more popular?

Why isn't the survival genre more popular?

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Why would it be?

because some are really good but it never get into mainstream audience for some reason

Because nobody will ever be able to top the pure Survival kino that was Girigan no shima

What do mainstream audiences want instead?

How popular would you like it to be?

Dunno, shonen?
Popular enough to have good new shits every years but survival will probably remain a subgenre only popular to some hardcore fans.

>Dunno, shonen?
The manga you posted is shonen.

I know for a fact I read this manga but I can remember literally nothing besides them being stranded and it generally being super fucking trashy.

I tried reading this a while back and dropped it about 60 chapters in. The schizo serial killer best friend unironically killed it for me. It's just a hard genre to write seriously and adding in ridiculous shit like that is poison. I like western survival stories, Hatchet was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, just serious and relatable stories about mundane and difficult survival situations. Thanks for reading my bloh

Fuck you, this manga was garbage.
I'm still mad I wasted my time reading this trash.

You did the right thing
What happens is that everybody was already dead all along and the MC's mother became a CEO or some shit to do a tribute to her son and all the students.
So we basically were following ghosts all along.

They didn't even address many mysteries since it got axed.

lmfao thanks for the spoiler. I wasn't ever going to revisit this series probably but it's a small comfort to know it was all pointless and retarded which I had already suspected.

The setting is too restrictive
If your premise is that the characters are the only survivors that limits what you can do without just adding more and more antagonists like the walking dead or something

We already have too many bland spiky haired MCs user.


expect the million ongoing series, yes, not a popular genre.

It sucks since these types of series are never all that good but they're so good at dragging you into reading them and you almost always regret the time you put into them, know what I mean?

The only things that kept me going were the bathing scene every 15 chapters or so.

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because survival anything is fucking dog shit
>survival stories in book
>survival tv series
>survival games
>survival tabletop games
>survival manga/anime
all fucking dog shit
I'm glad we won't get any more

Its true, you read one story, you've read them all