Is there a historical explanation for why feminine men are so common in Japanese media, especially in anime/manga?

Is there a historical explanation for why feminine men are so common in Japanese media, especially in anime/manga?

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This might be hard for you to understand but anime and manga aren't real, they're what we call "fiction."

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Japanese men are just more feminine in general.
I blame tofu.

It just so happened that beautiful man is a synonym to a femboy because in a middle ages it was associated with nobles. Nowadays in asia femboyancy = attractiveness in eyes of jap females. To proof it just take a look at any modern asian boysband

yeah you're right

anyways 99fags are retarded for thinking Kurapika is a woman when the 99 anime constantly goes out of it's way to remind you that Kurapika is a man, and on top of this it's delusional to think Togashi would ever make Kurapika a woman when he is a massive fudanshi who loves feminine males and crossdressing

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Did 99 really?

I love 99 but it had a lot of really retarded shit in it

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It sells better and just plain looks and feels better.

Why do you need one? Women in general find a little bit of fuckboy androgyny hot and women around the time of HxH were actually being paid attention to as driving forces behind Shonen manga fandom (instead of just Gundam 0079).

Also, thanks to romanticized warrior homoeroticism (and Yukio Mishima being a prancing la-la homo man) what Westerners consider macho the Japanese consider gay.

>Why do you need one?

Samurais had pages or catamites, young boys they'd fuck. Young men were often always the ones who played women in plays since women were not allowed to act because they were already prostitutes anyway

Damn, look at that SOUL. Shows you how ugly homosexuals like Hisoka really were. Can't believe they got rid of this in the 2nd anime.

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>To proof it just take a look at any modern asian boysband
That's because their target audience is teenage girls and womanchildren

>he's never even heard of literary criticism
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based, Kurapika is the quintessential bishounen

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There are tons of articles about the origins of bishonen, look up bjorn andresen

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He is perfect and I love him. I wouldn't change a thing about him. Except I'd like him to value his own life more

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I know about Andresen but I feel the history of bishounen goes much deeper than this


>bjorn andresen
That guy doesn't look anywhere near as female in the film as he does in these few promotional photographs so you fags should stop posting him.

They're common in other media too. Beautiful men have been loved since time itself, their presence in anime is not unusual.
>Women love them
>Some men like them
>They make for interesting character designs
>They make for interesting characters interactions
>It's much better suited for 3d than 2d

There is no historical explanation in particular I can think of, just a general one*

look up the history of the bishounen archetype, as well as onnagata, and nanshoku. it predates Genji Monogatari, the world's first novel
>Genji pulled the boy down beside him ... Genji, for his part, or so one is informed, found the boy more attractive than his chilly sister

Because your ango brain has been brainwashed into calling everything that is beautiful “feminine” because you live in a place where all males are ugly and feel attacked in their masculinity by taking care of their appearance in any way.

I love him too and I could probably write an essay on his character arc ITT if I wasn't drunk

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I'm pretty sure macho worship is popular where you're from, paco

it's one of those aesthetics that only works in 2D, and works quite well at that

That's too bad, I'd actually enjoy reading that.

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