What would Megumin in another universe looks like?

What would Megumin in another universe looks like?

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Is there an alternate universe where megumin casts only implosion magic?

The Mass Effect universe


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KonoSuba will never be funny, fuck off.

Someone understands

Black anime girls...

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lol netflix megumin

y'know I think I would like Konosuba more if it was a parody of space opera rather than epic fantasy

I... like what I see..

More like heavy tan.
I see no humongous nose, lips or tiny forehead

cuter than megumin? how?

Imagine the brap

based netflix


>he doesnt know

I don't think it's possible to get this much tan.

Please don't google it. Theres enough brapfags as is

I don't think it's possible for a drawing to be real either.

You bring up a fair point.

what does alternate universe kazuma get when he casts steal?

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Oh no, shes ruined!

unironically turns a shit tier character into marriage tier

Your bike