One Piece

Bonney won the nakama war

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Endgame right here, brothers

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But at what cost

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No elbaf... we rush piece

Carrotcucks eternally obliterated


Pizzagate vibes, did she probided the WG with finest loli slaves


Joyboy failed and the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed and as the princess of the Ancient Kingdom Bonney holds him responsible.
Not Luffy specifically but he is the one who is Joyboy now.
expect next chapter to be a heavy lore dump from Bonney and Robin.

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Elbaf was never set up for more than an epilogue. Usopp just wants to go there in the same way that Brook wants to go back and see Laboon.


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so now that we know for sure mihawk is top 5 (possibly even top 3) strongest in the one piece world. how strong do you think EL HERMANITO DE MIHAWK will be?

>Neither Yamato or Carrot joined in the end
Unironically the best possible outcome, I'm so fucking grateful

spoilers imply Imu herself destroyed Godsvalley, rather than it being destroyed by the battle with Rocks or a buster call



Its been so long I genuinely forgot about about that situation with her and Akainu. Glad were finally getting answers.

She wants an alliance with Luffy or just form part of his crew since she lost hers

looks like the black queen chess piece so until proven otherwise that's what I'm going with


She's confirmed irrelevant

We would see Imu’s reveal this chapter?

Vinsmoke Sanji is for bullying and sex.

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I'm calling it now, luffy will end up like either a baby or an old man and that's how he will have to fight the villain from the next arc. I can already imagine oda laughing like a retard imagining an old fart gear 5

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>Bonney bathing with Nami and Robin
>She decides to be a loli
>Nami and Robin molest her
>In retaliation she turns them in to lolis
>All three go at each other and have fun

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